Marriage licenses

Jesse M. Brown, 34, of 15285 W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, and Melinda M. Sekely, 37, of same.

Lorin D. Dickinson IV, 26, of 4038 St. Andrews Court Unit 3, Canfield, and Brittany L. McCormick, 26, of same.

Everett P. Briggs, 36, of 2331 Penny Lane, Austintown, and Amanda L. Pope, 30, Willoughby, Ohio.

Drew M. DeBoard, 29, Norman, Okla., and Nicole L. Barto, 28, Evans City, Pa.

Michael L. Ramun, 36, of 1634 Everett Ave., Youngstown, and Noni N. Howell, 36, of same.

Christopher M. Pechalk, 26, Zelienople, Pa., and Dana A. Bennardo, 25, of same.

David N. Kramer, 25, of 176 Terrace Drive, Boardman, and Lauren P. Slicker, 23, of same.

William Lee M. Boylen, 22, of 2303 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, and Adrian L. Scheffler, 22, of same.

Michael R. Jordan, 34, of 10352 W. Pine Lake Road, Salem, and Lindsay M. Santee, 31, of same.

Jeffrey M. Beckett, 51, Grafton, Ohio, and Tina R. Furlong, 51, of 14800 Robinson Road, Newton Falls.

Darren M. Linderman, 25, Ann Arbor, Mich., and Julianne Popovec, 25, of same.

Bryan D. Gillen, 39, of 338 Indianola Road, Boardman, and Melinda M. Shaffer, 33, of same.

Alejandro Silva Martinez, 30, of 200 Poland Ave., Struthers, and Milmaries Robles, 21, of same.

Mark F. Green, 46, of 106 S. Aldrich Road, Austintown, and Misty A. Kubik, 35, of 143 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown.

Donald M. Cochran, 48, of 4226 Central Ave., Austintown, and Kelly A. Russell, 47, of same.


State v. Timothy Hicks, sentenced to one year in prison served concurrently to a Summit County case.

State v. Ronny Daviduk, sentenced to three years in prison.

State v. Levon Jackson, pleads guilty.

State v. Heather D. Carver, sentenced to six months’ nonreporting probation.

Motorists Mutual Insurance Co. et al v. Dan Nicoara, order to disburse.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Robert D. Dull et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Bank of America v. Kenneth M. Laverock et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Huntington National Bank v. Donald R. Cornett et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Bank of America NA v. Randall W. Benner et al, judgment entered.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Denise L. Smith et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Eloise Benson et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. Lonnie P. Mihin et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Maria Pagan et al v. Allen Hershberger, order of magistrate.

Donald Thomas et al v. Anna Jackson, order of magistrate.

Marko Citizen et al v. Dennis E. Evans et al, settled.

Estate of Mary V. Botsko et al v. Mary K. Landis, settled.

Gary Kiehl v. 24/7 Mill Maintenance Inc. et al, dismissed.

American Tax Funding LLC v. William Slaven et al, foreclosure.

Nicole Myers et al v. Jennifer Koval, order of magistrate.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Cecilia Kindinis, judgment for plaintiff.

Russo Builders Ltd. v. CTW Development Corp., magistrate’s decision adopted.

Millroy A. Ramsey v. MPW Industrial Services Group Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Bridget OBrien v. Sommer L. DiMuccio et al, order of magistrate.

Midland Funding LLC v. Laurie Hoefert, dismissed.

Genisys Credit Union v. Bradley J. Smith, judgment for plaintiff.

Mark Ansevin v. Charles F. Jeswald et al, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Bradley K. Parker et al, dismissed.

Ida Smith et al v. Michael Scott, judgment entered.

Jennifer Justice v. Katrina Hunter, dismissed.

Raquel Paolucci v. Jacob Adamski, dismissed.

Mary J. McGee v. Rhonda Gilmer, dismissed.

Joy Martin v. Pam Daniel, dismissed.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Nadia E. Perkins, 4138 Madison Road, Youngstown.

Dawna L. Lewis, 2388 Shetland Lane, Poland.

Stacey D. Barrett, 174 N. Richview Ave., Youngstown.

Abraham J. Hammond Jr., 6601 Silica Road, Austintown.

Claudia D. Lawrence, 9100 N. Lima Road, Unit 11, Poland.

Salvatore M. Galeti, 464 S. Raccoon Road, Unit C28, Youngstown.

Jo E. Jackson, 916 Alameda Ave., Youngstown.

Joseph F. Gaal, 6928 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown.

Richard Marsteller Jr., 3475 Black Oak Lane, Austintown.

Sandra J. Strobel, 3557 Wyandot Lane, Youngstown.

Dawn M. Emanuel, 2842 Center Road, Poland.

Sandra R. Fasano, 2835 Julian St., Youngstown.

Earl Moss, 1438 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown.

Barry Brink Jr., 2041 Kirk Road, Youngstown.

Samuel J. Protopapa, 4232 Claridge Drive, Austintown.

Danyell L. Giles-York, 607 Oak Hill Ave., Youngstown

Betty J. Whitman, 705 Cassius St., Youngstown.

Kevin J. Pontius, 96 Viall Road, Austintown.

David D. Kashubara, 184 Argyle Ave., Youngstown.

Daniel R. Greene, 3236 Kirk Road, Austintown.

Debra L. Nespeca, 3865 Baymar Drive, Youngstown.

Ashley L. Baird, 1946 Bancroft Ave., Youngstown.

Justin J. Davis, 139 Howard Ave., Youngstown.

Richard D. Galloway, 17469 Laurel Ave., Lake Milton.

Kimberly A. Tindell, 11870 Beard Road, New Springfield.

James R. Dykes, 329 S. Inglewood Ave., Youngstown.

Raymond J. Rich Jr., 892 Squirrel Hill Drive, Boardman.

Richard L. Massie, 726 Purdue Ave., Austintown.

Markis Roland, 805 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown.

Chauna L. Edwards, 4611 Deer Creek Court, Apt. 8, Austintown.

Layla J. Morris, 5721 Sheridan Road, Youngstown.

Shannon P. Minteer, 944 Jacobs Road, Youngstown.

Jack D. Shaffer II, 1442 Holland Ave., Youngstown.

Jessica Fowlkes, 2005 Pointview Ave., Youngstown.

Tina M. Maus, 1955 Nair St., Youngstown.

Clivia M. Xenikis, 502 12th St., Campbell.

Allison M. Rivera, 702 Orlo Lane, Youngstown.

Joseph M. Howell, 3317 Kirk Road, Austintown.

Norma J. Henderson, 4071 Glenwood Ave., Unit 102, Boardman.

Stuart McMichael, 136 Kleber Ave., Youngstown.

Brenda E. McIver-Smith, 744 Coitsville Road, Campbell.

Tayana C. Pannell, 155 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown.

Renee C. Johnson, 8346 Van Drive, Youngstown.

Osvaldo O. Mercado, 3719 Mohawk Ave., Youngstown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Jonathan A. Burt, 326 W. Penn Ave., Sebring.

Louis E. Hobson, 4813 Westchester Drive, Unit 308, Austintown.

William R. Obinger, 821 Wilkinson Ave., Youngstown.

Latasha L. Johnson, 1609 Canfield Road, Youngstown.

John H. Dustman, 2119 Stewart Road, Lowellville.

Steven C. and Kathleen M. Lindow, 140 Woodland Run, Canfield.

William P. Baldelli Jr., 104 Iroquois St., Struthers.

Kim Ramsey, 6619 Struthers Road, Youngstown.

Kevin E. and Lynda L. Hawkins, 6718 Sturbridge Place, Poland.

Robert A. Harris, 6155 Millcreek Blvd., Boardman.

William N. Horn, 6343 Gibson Road, Canfield.

Amy D. Miller, P.O. Box 3212, Alliance.

Helen L. Mohr, 676 W. Tennessee Ave., Sebring.

Donald W. Warmoth, 2419 Amberly St., Austintown.

Charles J. Jr. and Kimberly A. Veltri, 2372 Penny Lane, Austintown.

James L. and Catherine M. Hebb, 4558 Sheffield Drive, Austintown.

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