Columbiana COUNTY

New complaints

Wayne Stenger et al v. Nichole Boles, personal injury.

National Collegiate Student Trust v. Westly Smith, money.


Discover Bank v. Sue Brown, judgment in favor of plaintiff.

Salem Community Hospital v. Heather Sekely, judgment in favor of plaintiff.

Dissolutions granted

John Green and Kathleen Green.

Tiffany Jarrett and Patrick Jarrett.

Anita Persinger and Scott Persinger.

Holly Muransky and David Muransky.

Angela Barckhoff and Martin Barckhoff.

Margaret Menough and Jack Menough.

Michael Mellinger and Kelly Mellinger.

Heather Adams and Kelly Adams.

Divorces granted

Ollie Kelsey v. Rhoda Kelsey.

Charles McNeal v. Danielle McNeal.

Tabar Carli v. Nicholas Carli.

Melanie Stelts v. Richard Stelts.

Amanda Clark v. James Clark.

Kevin Cermak v. Gerri King.


Marriage licenses

Jake D. Byler, 34, of 9196 N. Girdle Road, Middlefield, and Dorothy M. Miller, 24, of 17865 B.W. Road, Middlefield.

Neil A. Coots, 27, of 300 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Rose A. Canterbury, 30, of same.

Jesse D. Pilarcik, 30, of 3490 Youngstown Kingsville Road, Cortland, and Jessica R. Kellough, 26, 2982 Northview Blvd., Youngstown.

Gabriel A. Hitchcock, 22, of 7620 Connelly Road, Masury, and Kayla M. Kroesen, 22, of 1008 Woodland Ave., Hubbard.

Jacob J. Stutzman, 21, of 16351 Nauvoo Road, Middlefield, and Barbara A. Miller, 21, of 4759 Donley Road, Middlefield.

James A. Williamson, 38, of 1302 Avolon Creek Blvd., Vienna, and Michelle L. Marburger, 34, of same.

Eric J. Christman, 39, of 604 Prindle St., Sharon, Pa., and Sherry L. Ridzon, 41, of same.

Gary H. Curry, 70, of 465 Orchard Place, Warren, and Alicia D. Curry, 58, of 519 Greenview Ave. SE, Conyers, Ga.

Leslie E. Burns, 60, of 6790 Grove St., Brookfield, and Juanita J. Bees, 55, of 36 Indianola Road, Youngstown.

Henry L. Robinson III, 37, of 2242 W. 4th St., McDonald, and Samantha N. Sedinger, 23, of same.

Christopher B. Fry, 32, of 540 Gay St., Longmont, Colo., and Nicole J. Reed, 30, of same.

Travis J. Wright, 23, of 342 Washington Ave., Newton Falls, and Jeanette C. Graham, 22, of same.

David Lucas, 41, of 27 Oak Tree Court, West Middlesex, Pa., and Jacqueline Genovese, 30, of same.

David L. Miller Jr., 25, of 8253 state Route 534, Middlefield, and Rachael S. Fisher, 19, of 9680 state Route 45, Orwell.

James D. Deitsch, 57, of 962 Saul Drive, Hubbard, and Kathleen A. Bayus, 53, of 699 Saul Drive, Hubbard.

Steven J. Lane, 24, of 3620 Dustan Drive, Apt. 5, Warren, and Arianna G. Carlson, 24, of same.

Robert E. Jennings, 59, of 989 Denver Ave., Warren, and Wanda M. Robinson, 53, of 6537 Downs Road, Warren.

John J. Merchant, 36, of 5622 Breezewood Drive, Brookfield, and Nichole R. Morris, 32, of same.

Nicholas F. Pawcio, 60, of 4139 Highland Ave. SW, Warren, and Cynthia A. Henderson, 46, of same.

Kenny E. Borkholder, 21, of 7770 S. Girdle Road, Middlefield, and Linda J. Detweiler, 20, of 679 state Route 534, West Farmington.

Alton R. Hopkins Jr., 44, of 5388 Old State Road, West Farmington, and Tina M. Hatcher, 39, of same.

Robert L. Funk, 20, of 106 Elmwood Drive, Hubbard, and Summer V. Small, 22, of same.

Scott M. Shultz, 47, of 6731 Lincoln Ave., Hubbard, and Melissa A. Greene, 41, of same.

Edward L. Sheldon, 56, of 1805 W. Market St., Warren, and Cindy L. Raiti, 51, of same.

Mark A. Andio, 28, of 195 Dell Ave., Unit 302, Pittsburgh, Pa. and Lisa E. Allen, 30, of 1723 Sundance Drive, Nestor, Va.

John W. Guyer Jr., 28, of 1041 South Park Drive, Brookfield, and Ashley M. Gooding, 22, of same.

John R. Baechly, 36, of 124 Eastland Drive, Warren, and Nicole M. Bates, 43, of same.

New complaints

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Unknown Heirs et al of Joseph Saluti, deceased, tax foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. Robert G. Jones et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Amanda L. Leskovec et al, foreclosure.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Matthew J. Mehle et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Douglas L. Postlethwait et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Paul H. Kennedy Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Brian L. Crowder et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. JMNM Company Inc. et al, foreclosure. (2)

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Sydmor Investments LLC et al, foreclosure.

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Matther J. Dodgson et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Richard R. Landes et al, foreclosure.

Home Opportunity LLC v. David Pringle et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Maricela Gurrero et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Financial Ohio Inc v. Valerie J. Mulrooney et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Robert J. Scholten et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Fred R. Cano et al, foreclosure.

Ronald Yobe et al v. Richard M. Winslow et al, other civil.

Atlantic Credit & Finance Special Finance Unit LLC v. Peggy J. Brady, other civil.

Trumbull Memorial Hospital Warren v. Kimberly Chamberlain, other civil.

Erica L. Forney et al v. Nicholas Infante et al, other civil.

Irene V. Reed-Jackson v. New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church et al, other civil.

Michael Zublena v. Technocap LLC, other civil.

HLM Inc. v. Blue Sky Energy Inc. et al, other civil.

Ugarit Limited Partnership et al v. J.T. Managerment Limited Partnership et al, other civil.

Joseph Johnson v. First Place Bank, other civil.

Chris B. Wolf v. El Jalapeno et al, other civil.

First Financial Investment Fund I LLC v. Joshua Moorer Sr., other civil.

Girard Equipment Company v. WSE Transportation LLC et al, other civil.

Robert Stanton et al v. Barbara F. Monsanty et al, other civil.

Lane Steel Co. Inc v. Stiener Steel LLC, other civil.

Amy J. Cardinale v. Enervest Institutional Fund XI WI LP et al, other civil.

Barry J. Frydrych v. Bull Moose Tube Company, other civil.

Louis Decato v. Mike Colon et al, other civil.

Thomas Gaylord v. Lisa A. Kovacic, other civil.

Kerry McAlister v. Deena McAlister, other civil.

State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company v. John W. McCann et al, other torts.

Jessica Oracio v. American Family Insurance et al, other torts.

Guy Esposito et al v. Sams Amusements of Ohio Inc et al, other torts.

Ernest A. Mitchell Jr. v. William Woods et al, other torts.

Kevin Cihan et al v. Mary D. Cunningham, other torts.

Karen A. Burr v. Sally S. Bidlack et al, other torts.

Mary Brincko v. General Motors LLC NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, workers compensation.

Cach LLC v. Frank Fordeley, money.

Thomas Shannon Properties LLC v. Samco Inc, money. (3)

Midland Funding LLC v. Richard E. Hart, money.

Cortland Savings and Banking v. Theresa Clemente et al, money.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Angel M. Savon, money.

Unifund CCR LLC v. Mary J. Mullet, money.

Household Realty Corp. v. Leon K. Thorpe, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Jack Schweitzer II and Jenna M. Schweitzer.

Shelli M. Stevens and Robert R. Stevens.

Stephanie L. Chew and James P. Chew.

Tanya Sadler and Pavel Pavlenko.

Ruth Barger and William Barger.

Michael J. Write and Janet L. Write.

Philip E. Kish and Debra A. Kish.

Patrick J. Jervis and Sheri A. Jervis.

Jennifer Weber and Kirk G. Weber.

Pamela A. Maffei and Joseph L. Maffei II.

Maigen L. Forsythe and Kenneth L. Forsythe III.

Bree A. White and Joshua A. White.

Nancy A. Thornton and William C. Thornton.

Divorces Asked

Angela Brock v. Jason S. Brock.

Rajesh Baji v. Batia Baji.

Charles J. Hughes v. Constance R. Mazzoleni.

Martin D. Cunning v. Catherine A. Cunning.

Dissolutions granted

Bethann Rothacker and Michael A. Rothacker Sr.

Diane L. Ludwig and James E. Ludwig.

Stephanie L. Magno and Jeffrey C. Magno.

Justine Sayers and Charles Sayers.

Marsha A. Burch-Parker and Lesley Parker Jr.

Kelly J. Johnson and Dennis W. Johnson Jr.

Patricia L. Fagundes and Dennis J. Fagundes.

Divorces granted

Annette S. Waldorf v. John R. Waldorf Jr.

Kay D. Fadell v. Ronald J. Fadell.

Joseph M. Luich Sr. v. Debbie L. Smith-Luich.

Debra Halstead v. Christopher P. Halstead.

Domestic cases dismissed

Danille Champlin v. Zackery Boag.


PNC Bank NA v. John P. Thomas et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Dylan R. Thomas et al, foreclosure.

Citibank NA v. Robert D. Moody et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Michael Hall et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. Charles H. Bentz et al, foreclosure.

JP Morgan Chase v. Debra M. Dickson et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown v. Brian T. Crain, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Daniel C. Knauf, default.

Central Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lisa Johnston, default.

Barbara Brown v. Eugene A. Altomare et al, dismissed.

Delores Karnofel v. Marsha A. Montgomery-Allen et al, dismissed.

State v. James W. Weatherby Jr., sentenced.

State v. Jeffrey A. Belanger, sentenced.

State v. William G. Dotson, sentenced.

State v. Norman V. Wilkerson, sentenced.

State v. Nicole M. Burchell, sentenced.

State v. Eric Lohr, sentenced.

Linda Telega et al v. Jonathan T. Eucker M.D. et al, settled.

Gerald Williams v. Jeffrey D. McFalls, settled.

Tashan Moore v. Patricia A. Wasser, dismissed.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Ronald W. Gatrell et al, dismissed.

Amy Ferrett v. Robert W. Leary, dismissed.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Laurence Gonya et al, dismissed.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Transportation Alliance Bank Inc., dismissed. (4)

Huntington National Bank v. Kerry A. Fairbanks et al, dismissed.

Bethany Golar v. St. Joseph Health Center et al, dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Linda D. Bytnar et al, dismissed.

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