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Thursday, August 22, 2013


St. Elizabeth Health Center

Keith and Nicole White, Struthers, boy, Aug. 20.

Jason and Emily Myers, New Middletown, boy, Aug. 20.

Lindsey Hammond and Demetrius Ison, Austintown, boy, Aug. 20.

April Sheely and Robert Smith, Campbell, girl, Aug. 20.

Tom and Kate Foley, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 20.

Robert and Jennifer Leonard, Canfield, girl, Aug.20.

ST. Joseph Health Center

Shaunta Miller and Darren Andrews, Warren, boy, Aug. 20.

Karalissa Lemasters and John Shrout, Newton Falls, girl, Aug. 20.

Teauna Jenkins, Warren, boy, Aug. 21.

Editor’s Note: ValleyCare Health System of Ohio, whi ch operates Northside Medical Center and Trumbull Memorial Hospital, no longer provides birth announcements for publication in The Vindicator.