Kasich calls on federal government to balance budget

By Marc Kovac



Gov. John Kasich and the Republican leaders of the state Legislature are launching a new push for a federal balanced budget amendment.

“It’s time to act,” the governor told reporters Thursday, citing “frustration by the increasing inability of Washington to responsibly manage the nation’s finances.” “It doesn’t make any sense to continue along the path. We’re going to have to put some rules in place to stiffen the spine.”

He added, “We have a car careening down a hill that is out of control. At some point, somebody’s gotta say stop. I think Ohio’s in a position ... to be able to reignite great interest in the issue.”

Kasich made the comments after a speech at a GOP fundraiser, where he chastised President Barack Obama’s policies and their effect on economic recovery and where he reminded attendees of his role in balancing the federal budget while serving in Congress more than a decade ago.

A balanced budget amendment would prohibit the federal government to spend more money than it collects. Comparable provisions are in place in Ohio and many other states.

Kasich said Thursday that it would take 34 states adopting resolutions to prompt Congress to call a constitutional convention to address the issue.

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