Canfield Swim Club defeats Logan


Neighbors | Submitted .Breaking the 8 and under medley record were, from left, Madison Murphy swimming breaststroke, Eva Johnson swimming freestyle, Gracey Klughart swimming butterfly and Madison Cleevely swimming backstroke. They swam a time of 1:34.27.

The Canfield Swim Club’s Swim Team beat Logan 420-25 July 24 at Canfield Swim and Tennis Club.

A pool record was broken in the 8 and under girls medley by Madison Cleevely, Madison Murphy, Gracey Klughart, Eva Johnson with a time of 1:34.27. Triple first place winners were: Eva Johnson, Madison Murphy, Connor Miller, Marissa Landers, Lauren Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Hammond, Gina Landers, Santino Marucci, Jason Paris, Alec Gaetano, Sarah Heaven, Matthew Bogen and Adam Weiss.

Placing first in the medley relay was Marissa Landers, Maya Marucci, Madison Klughart and Lauren Fitzgerald (9-10 girls); Miles Johnson, Ty Schaab, Mickey Velasquez and Luke Dietz (9-10 boys); Riley Wilkins, Lexi Saunders, Mackenzie Hammond and Gina Landers (11-12 girls); Jason Paris, Santino Marucci, Joe Klepec and Bobby Kutsch (11-12 boys); Maggie Beistel, Lexi Gaetano, Rachel Williams and Morgan Cleevely (13-14 girls); Sarah Heaven, Olivia Williamson, Abbey Karlock and Briana O’Malley (15-18 girls) and Alec Gaetano, Matthew Bogen, Adam Weiss and Ben Brucoli (15-18 boys).

Winners of the freestyle were Eva Johnson (8 and under girls), Connor Miller (8 and under boys), Marissa Landers (9-10 girls), Luke Dietz (9-10 boys), Mackenzie Hammond (11-12 girls), Santino Marucci (11-12 boys), Morgan Cleevely (13-14 girls), Nick Palermo (13-14 boys), Olivia Williamson (15-18 girls) and Alec Gaetano (15-18 boys).

In the 50-meter backstroke, top place winners were Eva Johnson (8 and under girls), Joshua Donaldson (8 and under boys), Marissa Landers (9-10 girls), Miles Johnson (9-10 boys), Mackenzie Hammond (11-12 girls), Jason Paris (11-12 boys), Sydney Stewart (13-14 girls), Sarah Heaven (15-18 girls) and Alec Gaetano (15-18 boys).

Winners of the breaststroke were Madison Murphy (8 and under girls), Ryan Schneider (8 and under boys), Lauren Fitzgerald (9-10 girls), Ty Schaab (9-10 boys), Gina Landers (11-12 girls), Santino Marucci (11-12 boys), Lauren Kerensky (13-14 girls), Sarah Heaven (15-18 girls) and Matthew Bogen (15-18 boys).

Placing first in the butterfly was Madison Murphy (8 and under girls), Connor Miller (8 and under boys), Lauren Fitzgerald (9-10 girls), Mickey Velasquez (9-10 boys), Gina Landers (11-12 girls), Jason Paris (11-12 boys), Maggie Beistel (13-14 girls), Nicholas Palermo (13-14 boys), Abbey Karlock (15-18 girls) and Adam Weiss (15-18 boys).

In the free relay, top placers were Helena Antalocy, Mallory Hughes, Ally Quirk and Madeline McCartney (8 and under girls); Connor Miller, Landon Palotsee, Joshua Donaldson and Jakob Bowman (8 and under boys), Morgan Schneider, Madison Puskar, Jordan Helmick and Emma Castronova (9-10 girls); Alec Schneider, Danny Lyons, Nolan Willard and Sirin Nalluri (9-10 boys); Sydney Karlock, Sydney Kinkade, Christina Tucker and Isabella Kelty (11-12 girls); Jaret Davis, Liam Martin, Matthew Peckman and Dante Flak (11-12 boys); Lauren Kerensky, Maggie Brucoli, Gia Neapolitan and Sydney Stewart (13-14 girls) and Jared Rothbauer, Matthew Bogen, Ben Brucoli and Adam Weiss (15-18 boys).

The Canfield Swim Team is coached by Michael Barringer and assistants, Emily King and Ryan O’Malley.

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