Campbell Soup sued over ‘heart-healthy’ labeling

Associated Press


A new lawsuit is contesting the validity of the heart-healthy claims on some cans of Campbell’s soups.

At the center of the federal lawsuit is the “Heart-Check” certification by the American Heart Association and whether it rightfully conveys that a product carries particular health benefits.

The lawsuit says the nonprofit group lets Campbell and other companies use the “Heart-Check” label on products that run counter to its stated mission, in exchange for fees. The American Heart Association says its goal is to fight cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

To earn its “Heart-Check” certification, the group’s website states that products must have no more than 480 mg of sodium per serving. But the website also notes elsewhere that “low sodium” is defined as having 140 mg or less per serving, the lawsuit notes.

A representative for the American Heart Association, Amit Chitre, said in an email that the group doesn’t make recommendations on what qualifies as an appropriate level of sodium for an individual serving.

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