Resident asks Poland trustees about erosion issue

By Kalea Hall


A Poland Township resident facing a long-term erosion problem on his property expressed frustration with trustees at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Steve Stanislav of Cliffview Drive has had issues for years dealing with a drainage ditch that continues to cause erosion when there is a heavy rain.

“When we get a heavy rain, [the drain] backs up, but erosion is the biggest problem,” Stanislav said.

Although the trustees said they felt bad about the situation Stanislav and other residents are dealing with, they continually said they cannot do anything if the area is considered private property.

“As long as I am here, I am not going on anyone’s property,” said Eric Ungaro, township trustee.

Stanislav was upset because a few doors down from his house, underground piping was installed but not extended to where he lives.

Township Trustee Mark Naples said the goal was to extend the piping, but lack of funding for the whole project held the township back.

“We wanted to do the whole street,” Naples said.

Trustees are waiting to hear from Mahoning County as to whether there is a drainage easement in place, which would make it legally OK for anything to be done on a township level. Then the next step would be to receive grant funding to possibly fix the issue.

“[We will] pursue it because that is what we said we wanted to do,” Naples said.

Also at the meeting, trustees accepted a bid from Diorio Paving Inc. of Girard to pave Denver, Burgess Lake, Hamilton and Tuscany drives at the cost of $110,411. 05.

Additionally, trustees heard an update from Gary Diorio of MS Consultants, which is working with the trustees on the Ohio Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Program. Sidewalk will be installed along Route 170 from Nesbitt Street in Poland Village to Dobbins Road, where Dobbins Elementary School and Poland Seminary High School are located. Poland Township received a $500,000 award from the state. The township still is waiting for more authorization from ODOT before the project will begin.

“Once we get the authorization, we will start the design,” Diorio said.

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