God is with people who are struggling

Our lives are under God’s authority.

He alone has numbered our days and it is by his will that we live or die.

Many people can trust God with their salvation, yet find it difficult to trust him to work things out in their lives.

All around the earth, fear is mounting as we experience an increase in sickness, disease, famine, storms, earthquakes, floods and drought.

There has always been sin and evil in this world, but it has now reached a point of no return.

Darkness has blanketed the earth because mankind has chosen to remove all traces of God and his laws.

When Jesus promised believers to leave his peace that surpasses understanding, he did not mean that our problems and struggles would end.

He was telling us that despite the battles we face, his power would be the strength that we needed to overcome and be victorious.

We must remember that we are in the throes of a battle with evil as time grows short.

The enemy will try to take all of your joy and peace if you let him.

As troubles increase, it can cause some to lose hope and just give up.

We are told throughout Scripture that we will have to endure suffering.

What the enemy doesn’t want you to remember is that all that you face is working out a divine destiny for you.

You do not have to wait to be a conqueror.

You are one now.

The power of the risen Christ is taking you through the darkness even when you can’t see or feel him.

He has a purpose for all that he let allows but he knows how to give you his rest in the battle.

Whatever dark situation you are in, please remember that you are not out of view from the one who sees all.

Never give up.

There is always a way out.

God is with you in your struggle and he holds all of your days in his hand.

And because Christ lives, your future is guaranteed.

Marianne Bernard attends Old North Church in Canfield.

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