Speaker talks about shift in education

By Denise Dick



Education has to change to keep up with the digital world or it runs the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Jesse Moyer, manager of strategic initiatives at KnowledgeWorks, a Cincinnati-based education reform organization, delivered the keynote speech, “Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem,” Thursday at annual Mahoning and Columbiana School Administrators’ Conference at the Joyce Brooks Center at the Mahoning Career and Technical Center.

Technology allows learners to assemble specialized learning play lists that match their specialized needs, Moyer said. He likened it to the way iTunes enables people to buy just the songs they want rather than a whole album or compact disc.

All of the change allows industries such as education the opportunity to retool.

“We have a huge opportunity to use big data in decision-making,” Moyer said.

That data can be used not only to gauge academic performance but also emotional and social skills.

There will be fewer full- time workers as more tasks become automated.

“We’re going to have to get really, really good at the things computers can’t do,” Moyer said.

He said that if school districts can do only one thing to prepare for the future it should be to “figure out what you want to be, set a vision.”

Even with budget constraints, some districts have managed to integrate technology into classrooms, Moyer said. Some use iPads in favor of textbooks, for example, he said. Buying the electronic version of the books is less expensive than the traditional version, he said.

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