Confrontation over hair rollers sparks stabbing

By Lee Murray


A beautician who stabbed a co-worker with hair-styling shears in apparent self- defense was released on a recognizance bond Tuesday. The woman who instigated the attack faces assault charges, authorities say.

The incident happened at Nevel’s Temple Beauty on Euclid Road shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday. Monica Allen, a 39-year-old hairdresser from Youngstown, told police that her colleague Tamiea Franklin, 34, of Campbell, had confronted her about missing hair rollers. Allen told police that she was using the salon on a Sunday morning to avoid running into Franklin, and was cutting a client’s hair when Franklin came in to instigate a fight.

Allen told police that the two women have a bad relationship.

Franklin accused Allen of stealing her hair rollers. Police said that Franklin then threatened to punch Allen in the face if she got “smart” with her. Allen’s client, who witnessed the attack, told police that Franklin then punched Allen to the floor and got on top of her, repeatedly hitting her in the head.

Allen told police she still had her shears in her hand and “instinctively” started striking Franklin, stabbing her in the arm and hand.

Franklin told police that Allen was the aggressor and had grabbed the shears to attack her. She said she sustained her hand injury defending herself from Allen.

The client broke up the fight, and Allen fled, reports say.

Police caught up with Allen near her home on Brookline Avenue. Police said that Allen was covered in blood and that the scissors used to stab Franklin were on the back seat of the car she was driving.

Officers at the scene said that there was blood on the closet and walls of the salon. Franklin was treated at the scene by paramedics but chose to drive herself to the hospital. Officers requested a court summons for Franklin, who did not show up for a Tuesday court date. Girard Court confirmed that there is a warrant out for her arrest. Allen is charged with felonious assault but was released on recognizance because, police said, it appears that she acted in self-defense.

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