City Bill of Rights aims to help residents, not hurt businesses

City Bill of Rights aims to help residents, not hurt businesses

Your opinion piece of July 29 about the Community Bill of Rights is an insult to the citizens of Youngstown, and the lies you present as facts are dangerous to public health and safety.

The hydrofracturing process is not economically sustainable and is unethical due to the gargantuan amount of water used. On average, 2 to 8 million gallons are employed per frack, not for a well, which can potentially have 100 horizontal fracks.

This water is never recoverable since hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals needed to fracture shale rock plus radium 226 and 228 would never be removable by a water treatment plant.

Currently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is being pressured into silence regarding methane and chemical migration from fractured shale into drinking water sources in Pennsylvania. Many families were paid off and signed nondisclosure forms when their water was contaminated so the companies would supply them drinking water.

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources report states that the North Jackson MAHN-7 frack well casing split open when drilled on Oct. 13, 2012. Halliburton Co. came and concreted that 4-foot-long hole shut. Halliburton concrete failure is partly responsible for the Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico three years ago. Now Halliburton has been found guilty of destroying evidence in 2010 to hide its mistakes that led to the largest oil spill ever recorded.

The people of Youngstown need to be able to drink their water to live and work. Our state has failed miserably in protecting the public health from greedy oil and gas companies clamoring to get Utica shale gas with no regard for residents’ drinking water.

Concerned Youngstowners are not letting the low 17 percent voter turnout in May’s election stand as any kind of final decision. We are revealing oil and gas paid $62,000 to ad agencies to confuse the issue, making it look as if the Community Bill of Rights would shut down businesses and kill jobs.

Its purpose is to keep dangerous, polluting and exploding compressor plants, transmission piplelines and frack wells away from our homes and our drinking water protected area of the Meander Reservoir!

Do not be confused by the greedy who spread industry lies and propaganda for cold hard cash.

Vote yes for your right to continue to live in your home without being threatened by cancer-causing chemicals. Vote yes Nov. 5 on your Community Bill of Rights.

Lynn Anderson, Youngstown

Don’t fall for the hocus-pocus of anti-fracking activists in city

Gee, I guess they didn’t get the message the first time. It appears that the Community Bill of Rights charter amendment people are here again to place the issue on the Nov. 5 ballot.

How shortsighted can a few people be? Youngstown stands on the threshold of a serious economic recovery, and here is a small band of environmental extremists standing at the city limits with signs telling the rest of the country that Youngstown is closed to business.

Is that the message you want to send to the rest of the country?

Yes, they come with their charts, graphs and testimonials to influence the voter, but the people of Youngstown must see through the smokescreens and hocus pocus and send a message to the rest of the country that this community is on the fast track to recovery. We are alive and well here in Youngstown, Ohio, and open for business.

Jim Eidel, Beaver Township

Depp’s injustice to Lone Ranger

Last week, I watched “The Lone Ranger,” staring Johnny Depp. What a terrible injustice to an American legend it is.

When I was young, The Lone Ranger was a hero to me. I had watched the television show as a child and as a young adult. I had seen the 1981 movie, “The Legend of the Lone Ranger,” and I really enjoyed it.

Johnny Depp’s new version made the Lone Ranger look like a joke. I could not believe they did that to an American legend.

I had to go on a search for the 1981 movie with Klinton Spilsbury and Michael Horse. I found it and bought it. I had to show it to my son and his wife, and they really enjoyed it.

I have something to say to these people who write these movies. Don’t mess something that is good; don’t mess with my heroes.

Andrew Mazza Jr., Austintown

Will Prince George VII watch as the United States collapses?

It was Britain’s King George III who watched the birth of America. Under his reign, America rejected oppressive taxation and embraced the concept of personal responsibility and free markets. How appropriate that William and Kate have named their firstborn child George. King George VII will watch as America falls from grace and collapses under the weight of enormous debt.

The socialist policies of Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and Obama created an unsustainable welfare state that has made welfare more profitable than work. The tipping point was reached when the national debt exceeded the gross domestic product.

We have passed the point of no return and now can only wait until the same free markets that made America great refuse to finance our reckless spending and bring our economy crashing down. It is no surprise that China is the world’s fastest growing economy. The Chinese finally get it. China grows and prospers as it moves toward capitalism and free markets while American socialism leads to declining standards of living.

If our elected leaders choose to becomes statesmen instead of politicians, and reform our taxation and spending policies now — not in 10 or 20 years — we can achieve a soft landing and avoid a total meltdown.

Donald Johnson, Liberty Township

Rising water bills in the city may force some to use public restrooms

I am a very upset, outraged, sad and concerned Youngstown resident over the rising cost of our water bill.

We all know how poor our city has become. There are no jobs, or at the best scenario, we can find some part-time ones under the living wage level.

Many of us are older, disabled, unemployed. Many of us are living on SSI, $710 per month. Living? It’s more like trying to survive.

Now, here is a huge problem and whoever I talk to about this is as upset as I am. The water department’s constantly raising the price. I tried to talk to some city officials and was told there’s nothing that anyone can do about it, like getting contracts with a less expensive sewer company.

People like me hardly use water for fear of using it, but we refuse to have to be dirty, not wash our clothing, clean our house or be forced to go to McDonalds to use the toilet just to have a tiny little bit less expensive water bill.

I am planning to go to the city council meetings and ask to talk about that subject. Something needs to change. Without any actions from our representatives, we are doomed.

If enough of us speak up about it, make it known that we are very concerned about this issue, then maybe something will be done.

Ildiko Studemire, Youngstown