Police: Saggy pants may have contributed to Youngstown man's fall

Staff report


Police say a man’s saggy sweat pants may have contributed to a fall at a South Side home early Tuesday evening in which he suffered a fractured skull.

Savor Hendrix, 30, of Youngstown, is being treated for a brain injury he suffered at a 356 E. Judson Ave. home about 6:35 p.m. Tuesday while he and a group of men were trying to install a swimming pool.

Chief of Detectives Capt. Mark Milstead said that Hendrix was drinking when he was injured. Reports said he was found lying face up near the back porch steps, and his pants were around his ankles.

Milstead said investigators theorize that Hendrix was having trouble opening the back door to the home and lost his balance because his pants fell down, which caused him to fall backward and hit the back of his head on concrete.

A toxicology test showed that Hendrix would be considered legally drunk at the time he was found, Milstead said.

Reports said officers who responded found three other men who were helping to put the pool up. One of them gave a fake name when they spoke to police and then left the scene as officers were interviewing the other two people.

Someone called 911 and said there was a fight at the home, but Milstead said the investigation so far has not uncovered any signs that there was a fight. Police reports said Hendrix’s injuries are consistent with someone falling backward and hitting the head.

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