President is changing the nation

President is changing the nation

I am keeping a close watch on the White House and the Congress, hoping for signs indicating they are finally getting together and making progress on the long road back to fiscal recovery. However it’s the same old story. The White House is determined to continue spending, taxing, borrowing and printing money. Our president refuses to except the fact that this combination is the exact formula needed to cause our fiscal destruction.

Once again I remember those critical words uttered so often by our president prior to his first election: “Fundamental transformation.” There is no way I can interpret those words except to mean a complete change over of the government. There is no better way to begin this than to abolish our capitalist system. This would mean the trampling of the Constitution, the document that has been the lifeguard of our freedom for the past 230 years. Our president has shown from the start his dislike for big business and their lack of will to share their wealth.

What has happened to that grand old Democratic party? The party of individual thinkers, and doers. Why do so many in the party, those with intelligence and foresight, continue to accept the fragile and deceptive policies flowing from the White House?

We need only to look to Greece, France and other countries across the pond to see the results of the Socialist system, how in their effort to share the wealth they have bankrupted their countries and are unable to cover the many benefits the people had been promised. The results: strikes and riots.

Will it happen here? It can and very well might if this administration does not change the direction it is going.

Leon J. White, Columbiana