Coitsville man flown to burn unit after setting self on fire

Staff report


A man was sent to a burn unit Saturday evening after catching himself on fire while trying to clear brush from his yard.

Francis Camouse, of John White Road, was attempting to burn piles of brush with an accelerant when the fire spread to his clothing and he caught on fire, according to Chief Chris Manack of the Coitsville Fire Department.

Neighbors heard Camouse yelling and called the fire department, who responded about 5:40 p.m., Manack said.

“He probably didn’t notice he got some of the accelerant on the ground or on his clothes, and he was at the center of the pile so when he lit it, it just spread,” Manack said.

Manack said the burns were to the lower part of his body. Officials from the Paul and Carol David Foundation Burn Institute in Akron confirmed that Camouse was a patient, but could not release information on his condition.

Camouse won’t be cited for the fire, but Manack said the state has a no-burn clause in effect, especially due to the recent drought.

“A lot of townships have cleanup areas where you can take brush, and our township has one like that,” Manack said.

Manack said he does not promote the use of accelerants for any fire because of the risk of spreading.

“When you use an accelerant, fumes are released, too, and even the fumes in the air can start a fire,” Manack said.

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