Responsible gun law needed

Responsible gun law needed

Driven by the 2nd Amend- ment, a well regulated militia, the National Guard, has been established in all 50 states. The National Guard is the first resource any state governor will activate to address a qualifying emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, civil unrest etc.

Consider that more firepower is available to the citizens of this country than in any other civilized country in the world. Also consider how that firepower will affect the security of the Guard mission and the dedicated volunteers who carry out that mission.

Consider the welfare of those you know who serve in the National Guard forces. Also consider the safety and security of local law enforcement, such as police and county sheriff personnel, who will also be called to serve, side by side, with our friends and comrades in the Guard.

Responsible gun legislation is needed to protect law-abiding citizens, and all those who serve and protect. It must also keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and terrorists.

We who have been fortunate to have served and survived should use the leadership skills we received in our military training to educate others. We should lead the way to achieve responsible and effective gun legislation.

Larry Diemand, Mentor

The writer is a retired USAFR lietenant colonel who served with the Air National Guard at Mansfield and the Air Force Reserve at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.