Marriage licenses

David B. Milne, 46, of 1865 Tanner Lane, Austintown, and Cari Lynn Gulas, 40, of 210 Talsman Drive, Unit 3, Canfield.

Imraan A. Bhatti, 37, of 2138 S. Indiana Ave., Unit 1802, Chicago, Ill., and Amy Jo Cummings, 36, of 1400 N. Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 7–0, Chicago, Ill.

Charles B. Oliver V, 25, of 6843 Lockwood Blvd., Unit 105, Boardman, and Kellee J. Snyder, 28, of same.

Larry E. Clark, 54, of 26 W. Avondale Ave., Youngstown, and Angela D. Barlow-Ross, 47, of 2553 Romar Drive, Hermitage, Pa.

Antwan D. Irby, 38, of 627 Idora Ave., Youngstown, and Rachel E.M. Parrish, 36, of same.

Scott T. Arn, 30, of 5420 Callaway Circle, Austintown, and Jaimie A. Nagy, 25, of same.

Shawn S. Madison, 20, of 7750 Meadowood Drive, Canfield, and Aliza R. Kendeigh, 18, of 7061 Ruby Courts, Austintown.

Logan M. Mosier, 22, of 1050 County Road 2256, Perrysville, and Michele L. Hartman, 22, of 10202 W. Pine Lake Road, Salem.

Leonard L. Millhorn, legal age, of 170 Chris Ave., Washingtonville, and Beverly A. Dolence, legal age, of same.

Bobby D. Lacy, 25, of 499 Tenney Ave., Campbell, and Hayley N. Foster, 20, of same.

Deane R. Hassman, 43, of Boardman, and Pamela J. Querin, 44, of same.

Nathan A. Seaman, 22, of 445 Elm St., Struthers, and Melinda S. Corn, 21, of 412 Elm St., Unit A, Struthers.


Benheart M. Fulayter, of 9737 Gladstone Road, North Jackson, v. Sherry A. Fulayter, of 36940 Kingsbury Road, Pomoroy, Ohio.

Gregory R. Roush, of 7587 Red Fox Court, Youngstown, v. Linda M. Roush, of same.

Judith L. DeVecchio, of 3627 Hunters Hill, Poland, v. Thomas J. DeVecchio, of same.

Lee M. Buchan, of 10158 Struthers Road, New Middletown, v. Kristin R. Daniels et al, of 10102 Struthers Road, New Middletown.

Karen L. Gebauer, address unknown, v. Lothar Gebauer, of 965 Wyley Ave., Akron.

Keesha L. Lofton, of 2716 Zedaker St., Youngstown, v. Eric L. Lofton, of 361 Alameda Ave., Youngstown.

Tiffany Green, of 3013 Nelson Ave., Youngstown, v. Terrance Green, of 723 John St., Youngstown.

Carolyn Richardson, of 508 W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, v. Douglas E. Richardson, of same.

Matthew A. Grate, of 351 Rockview Road, Youngstown, v. Tiffany Grate, c/o Mahoning Co. Jail, of 110 Fifth St., Youngstown.


Jessica Axelson, of 47 Renwick Drive, Poland, and William Axelson, c/o 300 Darmouth Dr., Canfield.

Christopher Pinter, of 1702 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, and Melissa Carbone, of 3236 Kirk Road, Austintown.

Richard R. Brown, of 175 N. Osborn Ave., Youngstown, and Laura A. Brown, of 420 Elruth Court, Apt. 161, Girard.


State v. Ardrian N. Lewis Sr., sentenced to one year community control through APA.

US Bank NA v. John A. Gray et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Robert L. Stith et al, dismissed.

Chase Home Finance LLC et al v. James E. Reifsnyder et al, property withdrawn from sheriff’s sale.

Jeanne Page et al v. Thomas Simon et al, order of magistrate.

JPMC Specialty Mortgage LLC v. Andrew P. Ginnis et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Home Savings and Loan Co. et al v. Gerald G. Pasko et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Karen A. Mueller et al, dismissed.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. v. Jaime L. Gray et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Trista L. Houck v. Damon A. Griffith, settled.

Linda Mayberry v. VIP Car Care et al, order of magistrate.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Cynthia L. Vigliotti et al, dismissed.

Charles M. Craven v. Lana Craven, order of magistrate.

Shawn Evans et al v. Nationwide et al, order of magistrate.

Terry L. Welce v. Steve Buehrer, admin of BWC et al, order of magistrate.

Tadajasia Green et al v. Camille R. Hall et al, order of magistrate.

Camco International Group Inc. v. Carl E. Avers et al, order of magistrate.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Jessica N. Parsley et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Andrea Fabek v. Taneisha McPeters, dismissed.

Stacia M. Hewlett v. Christa Williams, dismissed.

Alonda James v. Saron Tapscott, dismissed.

Larry J. Smith v. Dera Gantt, order of magistrate.

John P. McKimmy v. Jason Findley et al, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Fred Saunders to Georgiana Saunders, Hawthorne Street and adjacent lots, Youngstown, $620.

Lori R. Oliver and Michael E. Groubert, Hood Drive, Canfield, $81,850.

Teresa C. Bluell to Milton C. Alcrim, Artmar Drive, Youngstown, $79,200.

Robert Koch to Brian Barth et al, Southern Boulevard, Youngstown, $35,000.

Jesus Rivera et al to Santos Rivera, S. Jackson Street, Youngstown, $5,000.

Charlsie M. Heath to Pedro Ross, Quinn Street, Youngstown, $1,000.

James W. Heberling et al to Christopher L. Stewart et al, Unity Road, New Springfield, $96,000.

Huntington National Bank Co. to Dan E. Grindley et al, North 16th Street, Sebring, $31,600.

Dennis L. Babinchak to Baywinds Management LLC, Hilton Avenue, Youngstown, $8,500.

Dennis L. Babinchak et al to Wojciech Nipierski, East Avondale Avenue, Youngstown, $500.

Thomas F. Willard to Johnny J. Young, Sheridan Road, Youngstown, $38,000.

Gary Kabetso to Victor Lossev et al, South Turner Road, Canfield, $171,000.

Theodore E. Coleman Jr. to Mary A. Cooper, Maywood Drive, Youngstown, $5,000.

Gary S. Farrant et al to Blue Earth Homes LLC, Bellfield Avenue, Youngstown, $24,900.

John J. Stanley et al to William F. Buckley et al, Candywoods Drive, Poland, $500,000.

Herta E. Heffner et al to Trimar Investments LLC, Wakefield Avenue, Youngstown, $250,000.

Teresa A. Hall to Gulfland Holdings LLC, Crandall Avenue, Youngstown, $4,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Miriam Cruz, Brockway Avenue, Youngstown, $11,100.

Mike Lowe to Tom A. Mole, Idlewood Avenue, Youngstown, $15,500.

OPRS Communities to Michael A. Zimbardi Jr., San Pedro Drive, Youngstown, $54,000.

Fannie Mae to Tina R. White, Rush Boulevard, Youngstown, $23,000.

Robert Zanni et al to Robert W. Hamner, Fifth Street, Struthers, $97,900.

Property Ventures LLC to Krista M. Yenkush, Hitchcock Road, Boardman, $141,500.

William R. Steiner et al to Douglas M. Woodside, Woodhurst Drive, Austintown, $73,000.

Wilma E. Allgood to Joseph Cassese et al, Presidential Drive, Boardman, $25,500.

Fannie Mae to Property Ventures LLC, Maple Spring Drive, Canfield, $64,000.

Marlene Starti et al to Gary S. Farrant et al, Darbyshire Drive, Canfield, $74,000.

Nativity of Christ Orthodox Catholic Church to Franco Betancourt, East Indianola Avenue, Youngstown, $13,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Frank L. Mrozek et al, Overlook Boulevard, Struthers, $44,080.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Patnode, Apple Ridge Drive, Youngstown, $30,000.

David Belton Sr. to Lawalyn L. Lewis Sr., Miami Avenue, Youngstown. $6,500.

Elizabeth Janecko et al to Richard L. Creed et al, Renee Drive, Struthers, $47,000.

Mark Turner to Daniel S. Tickerhoof et al, Stoltz Road, Diamond, $25,500.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Susan J. Benish, 476 Como St., Struthers.

Frank Ocasio Jr., 7693 E. Parkside Drive, Youngstown.

Robert N. Terbizan, 2488 N. Redgate Lane, Youngstown.

Paul C. Mosley Sr., 32 Chicago Ave., Youngstown.

Gwendolyn J. Snowden, 151 S. Lakeview Ave., Youngstown.

Juan A. Mercado, 1614 Himrod Ave., Youngstown.

Jacqueline Caicco, P.O. Box 181, New Middletown.

Steven K. Serednesky, 4853 Westchester Drive, Apt. 206, Austintown.

Robert J. Romito, 2220 Canfield Road, Apt. 12, Youngstown.

Amy Monk, 467 Manchester Ave., Youngstown.

Johnny L. Jones, 1031 Fairview Ave., Youngstown.

Gary D. Cronk, 270 Aldrich Road, Youngstown.

Northeast Martial Arts, Dance and Fitness LLC, 7903 Wildel Drive, Twinsburg, Ohio.

Kimberly R. Dawson, 137 W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown.

Rita L. Jordan, 233 Crandall Ave., Youngstown.

Gregory R. Kalmer, 2152 Gregory Ave., Youngstown.

Erica Ronci, 5742 Baylor Ave., Austintown.

John T. Whitehouse, 221 Edwards Ave., Canfield.

Dale D. Miller, 25 Market St., Apt. 1400, Youngstown.

Darin J. Straub, 1299 Bexley Drive, Austintown.

Holly M. McGahan, 61 Wilhelm St., Struthers.

Richard L. Martin, 2512 N. Redgate Lane, Youngstown.

Michelle Davidsen, 599 Beech Ave., Youngstown.

Sheila R. Martinsen, 292 Brainard Drive, Youngstown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Theodore D. Carpenter, 307 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.

Richard A. and Melodi R. Fiorenzo, 296 Yvonne Drive, Youngstown.

Richard F. Allen, 4227 Woodmere Drive, Youngstown.

Robert E. Beckett Sr. and Charlotte Martin, 27 Renee Drive, Struthers.

Chadrica Howell, 4231 Chester Drive, Youngstown.

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