Group wants East Side plaza razed

Group wants East Side plaza razed

The Northeast Homeowners and Concerned Citizens acknowledges Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s commitment to eradicate blight and save neighborhoods.

As residents of Youngstown’s East Side, NHCCA is appalled and outraged about the condition of McGuffey Plaza, owned by the Cafaro Co. Over eight arduous years, residents have endured this blighted property with no end in sight.

Visualize the glaring differences between McGuffey Plaza and the Eastwood Mall. Contrast disinvestment to investment. Contrast the dilapidated McGuffey Plaza versus an extraordinary “one of a kind” Eastwood Mall.

The McGuffey Plaza site grossly diminishes the potential of the East Side, it lowers our property values, and it disrespects our residents. City leaders have made numerous attempts to resolve this disgraceful injustice, but the Cafaro Co. refuses to negotiate in good faith. We need Attorney General DeWine’s assistance to have the structures demolished. We want it replaced with a strip plaza that serves the needs of our consumers and vitalizes our community.

Glenda F. House, Youngstown

The writer is president of the Northeast Homeowners and Concerned Citizens Association.