Menendez expected to be Howland pick

By Doug Chapin


Longtime assistant coach Dominic Menendez is expected to be named head coach of the Howland High football program when the Board of Education meets on Monday.

A local media outlet reported Thursday that a source close to the program confirmed Menendez will be named.

Menendez arrived at Howland with veteran coach Dick Angle who announced his retirement in March after 15 years at the Tigers’ helm. Menendez also played for Angle during the latter’s stint at Ursuline.

“I would hope he would be named. He certainly has earned the opportunity to take the spot,” Angle said. “He’s been with the program since our arrival 15 years ago, he is one of the first coaches I hired.

“He has been an outstanding football coach. He has been coordinator of our special teams, has been defenisve coordinator and the last couple years has been on the offensive side as coordinator.”

Menendez was honored in February as a top assistant coach by the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association.

His versatility over the years on the Howland coaching staff was part of a plan.

“There were two parts. I knew he had dreams to become a head coach,” Angle said. “Being able to take on all the spots with a lot of responsibility would make him a better head coach and he was interested in doing that.

“So whenever we had staff changes if there was someone more comfortable on offense, he [Menendez] would move to defense. On another change he moved to offense. He’s always been a big part of our special teams and the weightlifting program.