Both vulnerable. South deals.


xQ 5 4

u8 4 2

vA 10 2

wK Q 9 6


x9 6 3 xJ 10 8 7

uQ J 7 3 uVoid

vK Q 4 v9 8 7 6 5 3

wJ 5 2 w10 8 3


xA K 2

uA K 10 9 6 5


wA 7 4

The bidding:


1u Pass 2w Pass

2x Pass 3u Pass

6u Pass Pass Pass

Opening lead: King of v

By now, readers are familiar with the exploits of Trump Coup Tommy, the amiable duffer who is transformed into a master technician when trumps break badly. This is the deal that first brought him to the attention of the other club members.

The auction was typical Tommy. His reverse to spades was the hallmark of a good bidder; the impatient jump to six hearts said: “I really don’t know what to do now.” However, six hearts was an excellent contract, with only a 3-1 trump break needed to make it unbeatable.

West led the king of diamonds, won by dummy’s ace. A heart to the ace revealed the 4-0 break off-side, and everyone confidently expected a one-trick set. But Tommy’s remarkable ability now came to the fore.

A spade to the queen provided the entry for a diamond ruff, and a club to the queen was followed by a second diamond ruff. Tommy’s trumps were now reduced to the same length as West’s. Tommy continued by cashing the remaining four black-suit winners and led a heart to the nine. West had to lead away from the queen 7 of trumps into declarer’s king10 of trumps.

Everyone was flabbergasted. Even today, after many examples of Tommy’s dummy play, many club members refuse to give him full credit and continue doubling on a trump stack at every opportunity — to their cost.

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