Not a good site for this ministry

Not a good site for this ministry

I live on Gladstone Road in North Jackson. I am writing in regards to the Fifth Sparrow Ministry that purchased property in our neighborhood and wants to house up to five women who have been recently released from a correctional facility.

When they purchased the property they did not publicize what their intentions were; we had to find out through other sources. This property borders Mahoning and Trumbull counties, so it will also affect Lordstown residents.

These women could have commited various crimes including theft, drug related offenses, or even possibly be sex offenders. We are a residential neighborhood that consists of elderly and families with children. We do not want this facility in our neighborhood.

My hope is to inform people about this ministry and what their plans are. I would like people who are supporting this to consider how they would feel if this was in their backyard. I am not saying that this is not a good cause; we just believe that it should be in an area where there are not families with children.

Kelly Wells, North Jackson