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Event turns Eastwood Expo Center into veritable zoo

Published: Sun, April 7, 2013 @ 12:09 a.m.

By Jordan Cohen



Rick Scofinsky of Youngstown cradled Sara Rose, a 3-month old black lab/Rottweiler mix in his arms as the contented dog licked his face.

Welcome to the Scofinsky family, Sara Rose. Rick and his wife, Laurie, spotted the 15-pound puppy at this weekend’s Northeast Ohio Pet Expo Show at the Eastwood Expo Center on Saturday, adopted and promptly named her.

“We didn’t know we were going to adopt, said Scofinsky, 56, owner of two other dogs, “but when we saw her, we knew we had to.” The couple discovered Sara Rose at a booth operated by New Lease on Life Rescue, a nonprofit group based in Struthers offering dogs and cats for adoption. Like many of the shelters, the group needs financial help.

“We pay $3,000 to $5,000 a month on veterinary bills,” said Darla Donahue, a full-time volunteer. “We did well at the Pet Expo last year, and we hope people will respond again.”

New Lease animals are spayed or neutered and have all their shots. The group, like the other shelters, charges adoption fees to cover costs. The Scofinskys paid a $200 adoption fee for Sara Rose.

An older dog of theirs of the same mix is in the late stages of cancer, and the family hopes Sara Rose can help cheer her up. “I love these mixes, and she’ll have a good home,” Scofinsky said.

Another organization, Shelter Puppies, based in Cortland, offers similar services, but implants identification microchips in all of its puppies and trains them before making them available for adoption. Shelter Puppies charges $275 in adoption fees.

“Too often, people adopt and realize soon after that they can’t take care of the dog properly, so we work to make sure that doesn’t happen with our dogs,” said Randy Wilson, adoption coordinator. Wilson said that around 100 puppies have been adopted from the organization since its founding in 2010.

The public response does not surprise Judi Henninger, show coordinator since its inception six years ago. “It’s amazing how many people care,” she said. “We’ve got real pet-lovers in this area.”

One of the best-known of the organizations, the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County, is opening its new shelter in Vienna and will close the current shelter on Brunstetter Road in Lordstown when the new facility opens Sept. 1.

Jeff Williams, Kinsman, AWL president, said the organization already has raised $2 million and is hoping to raise $400,000 by the opening date to match a challenge grant.

“If we can do that, it will allow us to be debt-free,” Williams said.

West Side Cats of Youngstown brought along its best-known feline, Smoochie, a para-plegic cat that has become the group’s mascot and has its own Facebook page with 700 “likes.”

“We take care of special-needs cats like Smoochie, besides our other rescues,” said volunteer Dave Childers of Austintown. “People volunteer to help us out of the goodness of their hearts.” Childers, a motorcycle enthusiast who parked his sleek Harley-Davidson with the display, said West Side Cats hopes to raise money with a bike show in July. Its theme: “Support Your Local Cat House.”

The Pet Expo features more than 50 vendors offering pet foods, training, assorted pet products and a petting zoo. The show resumes at 10 a.m. today and closes at 5 p.m.


1peacelover(838 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wonderful, heartwarming story.

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2salem1361(5 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I have no room for these so called rescue organizations that are so restrictive on giving these animals homes that they would rather keep them forever in their caged care than allow a good family to have them. Their fees are reasonable but then they demand many times no children, no other pets, or a fenced yard. I have owned many dogs through my 54 years and trained properly they never leave their yard. Not everyone can accommodate their demands for care so it leaves too many animals not able to have a loving home.

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3janeyblue(227 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Mahoning County Pound and Adoption Center---$130.00 includes spay/neuter and shots. (Also worming).
Columbiana County Pound and Adoption Center --- $100.00 includes spay/neuter and shots (and worming,done at Angels For Animals. They also do a tiny tattoo on females to show they have been spayed.)
Microchips generally cost $50.00 or so to implant. The yearly registration costs anywhere from $25.00 to ???.
Go to your pound and adopt a friend for life.
I agree Salem,I have seen some rescues ask $750.00 and your spleen to adopt a dog. My pound puppies are happy and have adjusted just fine.

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4armyrn05(2 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Many rescues, to include West Side Cats, take animals that would normally be euthanized at the shelter without a second thought. In San Antonio, any kitten under 2 pounds, puppies under 4 months of age, and injured or sick (but treatable) animals are automatically euthanized the day they hit the shelter.

The reason why rescues screen so closely is because they want to find pets FOREVER homes, not just nice families. Even nice families return adopted pets to shelters and rescues. I would much rather give a rescue $200 and know that my money is helping other animals NOT be killed because the shelter was overcrowded and their 3-day limit (for strays), or 24-hour limit (for owner surrenders) is up. Most of the no-kill shelters are non-profits, which mean they are not authorized government funding, and run strictly off of donations and volunteer time.

Please do a little research before bashing no-kill rescues; they do tremendous work and save thousands of little lives every year.

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5armyrn05(2 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Agreed 123goz.

Rescues typically spend a great deal of time screening to find a home that works for both the pet and their new family. It has to work for both, or the pet will end up back in a shelter or rescue. Funny thing... It always seems that people are much less likely to give up spouses, children or an existing pet if the new pet doesn't work out.

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6Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

What, is West Side Cats the only group not permitted to bring animals and have a donation jar? Every other group I saw at the Expo had animals and a donation jar. In fact, of all the cats I saw there Smoochie was the most relaxed and comfortable and having the most fun.
And what qualifies YOU as some great arbitrator of how special needs cats are cared for? Smoochie is healthy and has a great life. Her care is very labor intensive and is undertaken by all of the shelter volunteers. Since you can "only imagine" her special health issues and we work with the cat every day I daresay we know more than you about what she requires.
You call us losers? We adopt out hundreds of cats and kittens, many of them special needs, every year. What have YOU ever done that even comes close?
Smoochie will be appearing at events all through the spring and summer, including PetCo this month. She will also be at Ladies Night Out tonight. Don't wait, come on out and picket. Of course, that would involve showing your face. Stalkers don't do that, do they? My bad.

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7kittiesofkolor4830(1 comment)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

In remarks to what techguru said..I actually volunteered At Cat Ladies and West sides Cats and non of which she says is true. Her real Name is Maria Guyan and she runs New Lease on Life, she is very jealous of The owner of West Side Cats and had to leave when it was Cats Ladies on bad terms. So she likes to make stuff up to make them look bad. How childish could you be to constantly post and send letters to every one you know and everyone you can think of to try to get this shelter shut down?? They are still up and running so what does that tell you? They are very hard working, very good loving, good caring people at the shelter and any one who knows me knows I would not say so if it were not true. I have never, NEVER seen any of which techguru (Maria) claims to have happened at this shelter. Cats do get sick and when they do they are treated for what ever ales them and their is a clinic just for those cats. I have seen the vet bills, so I know they do go to the vet, I have even taken them myself. Every cat has been to the vet if need be, they are all tested, have their shots and are spayed and neuter'd. As for Smoochie, well she is one of the most well cared for cats you will ever come across. I have seen it with my own eye's. She is loved by everyone, she is very special to all of us. And as for the owner spending money on everything but the cats and the vet, well that of course id a lie too, In all the time that I have been involved (5 years ) Kimm has volunteered all of her time and money to West Side Cats, she doesn't ever take time for herself. Soooo, Come on down to the shelter and see for yourself, spend the day if you don't believe me and you want to believe the bull that Maria is dishing out..nothing burns my a$$ more than a Liar!! and that is what Maria Guyan is a big FAT LIAR! Maria get off your high horse and get over it already, I am so sick of your bullsh$t it makes me sick and you know what? What comes around goes around, so if I were you I would watch what you say or it's going to come back and bite you in the a$$ and that's a big a$$ in your case. You have inflicted enough on these innocent cats it's time to back off!! Are you really that jealous?? You must be, WOW, to go through all this trouble to bash someone for no reason except for your own childish kicks,I must say it does't become you. But then again, yes it does! It is exactly who you are and I hope people see you for just that!! Best wishes...

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8techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

techguru (anonymous) says...
Beware of Fraud in Non-Profit Organizations
There are some very important facts to know about non-profit organizations before donating to them or making the commitment to sit on the Board of Directors for one. Although there are many amazing chartities that do great work, an estimated $40-50 billion per year is lost to fraud in non-profits and scandal is found in nearly 20% of philanthropic organizations, according to the New York Times. Charities need to tighten controls against theft, especially in a tough economy. It is wise to be skeptical and first do your due diligence before involving yourself or your financial support.
•Nonprofit organizations and faith-based houses of worship make the headlines almost weekly about theft of funds, embezzlement, corruption, fraud, health/safety violations and misconduct.
••Many non-profit groups use grant funding for inappropriate activities.
•Losses caused by founders/managers are four times those caused by employees.
•The embezzler is typically always the person the organization would least expect to be a thief. The most typical theft in charities is committed by a female employee with no criminal record who earns less than $50,000 a year and has worked for the charity for at least three years.
•Non-profits should be suspicious of people in positions of authority and trust who are operating on the edge of financial ruin and those who refuse to share duties. They may behave in a desperate manner and steal donations.
•Fraud is usually committed by someone in the financial area -- the founder, the treasurer, the bookkeeper, the signer of checks -- who knows how to avoid getting caught. Many times they will create fraudulent financial documents and evade sharing bank statements with the other board members.
Different people should be assigned separate functions of managing the finances -- writing checks, signing checks, reconciling bank accounts and checking the cancelled checks that are returned from the bank. •No founder may be treated as if he/she 'owns' the organization.
All board members will be held accountable for the governance of the organization.
•An internal audit should be performed at least annually.
•A board of directors has the fiduciary responsibility for ensuring that the funds are properly spent and to make sure that set standards are adhered to.
•Each board member is responsible for reviewing the organization's budget and staying informed of the financial situation. They must insist on good reporting -- financial reports should be kept up to date and distributed at each board meeting for review (at least quarterly).
•If a founder or other paid staff member serves on the board, he/she should not be elected President because it tends ot keep all responsibility for vision and leadership in a single person's hand.
•Non-profit organizations are expected to spend cautiously and honor the trust placed in them by their donors

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9techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Let me assure you, Kittiesofkolor, that I am NOT Maria anyone. Wasn't that the person Kimm blamed for everything wrong before? Wasn't that a few years ago? Hasn't there been a parade of wrongdoers to poor Kimm since?
Last I heard is Maria runs a successful shelter now, has had large fundraisers, as well as a few of the other departees from WSC that are on their own. Golly gee, Kimm is just a victim at every turn.
There is a group of now 41 people from three counties who all either volunteered there, brought cats in there, donated time and money, and watched the suffering and neglect on a daily basis that Kimm completely ignored and have HAD ENOUGH!! What you morons call not having a hobby or a life, is people who KNOW what is going on there, actually care about animals, have been in rescue many years and have the guts to tell the authorities about it. The rest of you cowards walk away and do not say a word. I volunteered with 5 other people who cried and were thoroughly disgusted with what was going on there. Only three had the guts to stand up for the animals and tell the truth.
So, keep on yakking on. Kimm loves the attention, as any sociopath would.

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10Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago


Cyberstalking is the use of computers or other electronic technology to facilitate stalking. A booming “spy shop” industry has sprouted up to supply Hi-tech equipment such as computer hacking or monitoring software, hidden cameras, microphones, and GPS tracking units.[21] In Davis (2001), Lucks identified a separate category of stalkers who instead of a terrestrial means, prefer to perpetrate crimes against their targeted victims through electronic and online means.[22][page needed]

[edit] Stalking by groups

According to a U.S. Department of Justice special report[13] a significant number of people reporting stalking incidents claim that they had been stalked by more than one person, with 18.2% reporting that they were stalked by two people, 13.1% reporting that they had been stalked by three or more. The report did not break down these cases into numbers of victims who claimed to have been stalked by several people individually, and by people acting in concert. A question asked of respondents reporting three or more stalkers by polling personnel about whether the stalking was related to co-workers, members of a gang, fraternities, sororities, etc., did not have its responses indicated in the survey results as released by the DOJ. The data for this report was obtained via the 2006 Supplemental Victimization Survey (SVS), conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Department of Justice.[14]

According to a United Kingdom study by Sheridan and Boon,[23] in 5% of the cases they studied there was more than one stalker, and 40% of the victims said that friends or family of their stalker had also been involved. In 15% of cases, the victim was unaware of any reason for the harassment.

Over a quarter of all stalking and harassment victims do not know their stalkers in any capacity. About a tenth responding to the (SVS) did not know the identities of their stalkers. 11% of victims said they had been stalked for 5 years or more.[13]

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11Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

A group of 41 people from 3 counties who are dedicated to shutting down our cat rescue and all you can manage is to snipe at us in the comments section of the Vindy?
Oooohhhhh, I'm shaking in my slippers here at the thought.
Just FYI, Smoochie will be appearing on behalf of West Side Cats at Pet Co in Boardman this coming Saturday, April 13. She will be arriving at Noon and sitting next to her donation jar until 4:00 pm.
She and I are both looking forward to the picketing. Hope to see all 31 of you there!

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12cerebellargirl(2 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

West Side Cats is a wonderful rescue and Kimm is amazing. She has more integrity in her pinky finger than most people I've met (including myself). She absolutely adores Smoochie and sees to it that she is well cared for. I know because I volunteer there.

The shelter is clean and the kitties play in open rooms filled with toys and warm beds. It's a bright and happy place.

TechGuru, I have had it with you and your friends who have done everything you could think of to try to destroy this beautiful shelter in Youngstown.

And yet, despite all your hateful efforts, we are still around and doing very well.

We had a GREAT time at the PetExpo. Smoochie took naps when she wasn't greeting her public. She was indeed quite relaxed as she usually is.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! We loved getting to meet you and to say hello as did our girl Smoochie.

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13techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Werecat - You will be shaking in your slippers when you are hauled away in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit for FRAUD. You are such an embarrassment to every rescue in this area. If there was no Smoochie to drag around, what would you do for fundraising? You DO make sure she stays alive and well, as she is your "moneymaker", as you refer to her.
Have to say you are the first rescue in this area that appears on PetAbuse.com, Animalhoarding.com and that PETA called for a shutdown of your operations. Now that should make your idiot supporters proud. Give your hundred excuses and point the finger of blame, but the truth is the truth. Go away and scam society another way for money. You are the most despised rescue in this area. We made calls to some other huge and small rescues in this area and the result was the same: they all know you are neglecting and letting animals die every day in your place. They get calls from people on a regular basis, asking what can be done to shut you down. Make Youngstown proud and put on your 10X orange jumpsuit and go to your cell.

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14Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago


Given their track record, nothing makes me prouder than PETA wanting me shut down.


Why is our rescue on those websites? Oh yeah, because of Joe "Up for Perjury" Borosky. There's an unimpeachable source of information!


Here's a website for you and your 41 friends to order your tinfoil hats at a discount. The site also includes instructions on how to create your own, specifically how to layer the tinfoil so as to block all those UFO-originated mind control rays. Be sure to wear them while you're picketing Smoochie this Saturday at PetCo Boardman so the mind control people can't get you.

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15techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Oh, you are such a clever and funny POS. No wonder you can con all those mentally challenged people out of their money. If you want to see something really funny, get a mirror. Now that is something to laugh about.
The only mind control going on in this world is your brainwashing those poor slow people convincing them you are worth anything. The rest of the world knows better.
Go away - big, fat, disgusting con artist loser and druggie.

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16BikerDave(1 comment)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I have worked with Kimm and West Side Cats for the past 2 years and I am truly amazed of the great work they do for all the Cats & Kittens. I can tell you first handed that I have witnessed the Love and Care they put into every cat that comes to them...I help put together the West Side Cats Poker Run & Bike Show to help raise funds for the rescue and shelter. This years Poker Run & Bike Show is on Sunday July 21 at Austintown Park. Smoochie is a special needs cat and always given the best of care always. We all love Smoochie !!! It really gets me mad that anyone would say bad things about the great people that work so hard to save and rescue all the wonderful cats that come to West Side Cats. I am very proud to be a volunteer at WSC. If anyone should be arrested and taken away in handcuffs it should be the person who says and writes lies about Kimm and all the great volunteers at WSC !!!!

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17techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

You could only wish you had stalkers. That would mean that someone had an interest in YOU. The only interest this large group (growing every day) has is shutting down a con-artist who collects money from the public, spends it on herself and her friends for nice dinners and drinks, some good lunches, buys fun things on EBAY and Big Lots and allows animals to die of neglect on the floors. All in the name of a NO KILL shelter. You can convince the slow, drug addicts and homeless group that follow you that you are doing a good job. Anyone with half a brain has left your group and told anyone that will listen what is going on there.
Perhaps we could ask how many cats DIE in your shelter each month, due to neglect and lack of veterinary care? How many per year? In the short time I was there, the records showed 210 in less than a year. The descriptions read, "found dead in cage," found dead on floor". If these animals were sick, why were they not getting help from a veterinarian? Instead, there was a lazy-ass, drugged up, broken down, ex-vet tech who was always just too tired to give the cats medicine. That is - if you even had medicine from a veterinarian. Not the compounding voodoo you did with other people's medication.
I have read some of your claims of complete innocence at the raid, but if you did nothing wrong, why did you have to pay a very high profile criminal attorney thousands of dollars to get you off? There are six of us that were there at that time and KNOW you conned a disabled volunteer out of that money.

In the name of the many good groups that care for animals, PLEASE GO AWAY!! Find yourself another scam to make money and leave the animals alone. They are better off on the streets than in your care.

Suggest removal:

18cerebellargirl(2 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

At West Side Cats our yearly vet bill comes to around $60,000. Special donors took on vet bills for seriously ill kitties as well.

We are often the last resort for a cat facing euthanasia. We take in special needs cats that can't find anywhere else to go and find them loving forever homes.

We adopted around 500 cats last year.

We are 100% volunteer and depend on the community we serve for volunteers and donations. Find out more at westsidecats.com.

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19Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

What I don't get is why you think I have to go to such elaborate lengths in order to shop or have dinner out. I've been married for 29 years to a man who is a top executive at a large company. He makes more than enough money to permit this type of lifestyle if lunching, gossiping and shopping were what interested me. In fact, he'd probably get off cheaper if I shopped for a living instead of always tapping our bank account to make up shortages at the shelter.
So money is not a motivation for me to be working myself to death. I take none from the shelter and put in thousands of my own.
You keep going on and on about cruelty and death and mayhem and every post takes you further from planet Earth. None of the things you keep describing ever happened. Perhaps it is you who are taking drugs here, something is certainly making you hallucinate. Maybe you don't remember all of the stalker-grams you've sent to my house because of all the drugs YOU ingest.

Suggest removal:

20techguru(12 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Perhaps it is the glassy glow in your eyes, the slurring speech, the staggered walk and inability to barely stand up that leads to a conclusion as to where the money goes. I can imagine that is where the delusional aspect also comes in.
You KNOW all these things happened. There are a number of people who witnessed it and still are there witnessing it on a regular basis.
Yes, you do have some wonderful volunteers there now who care about animals. Not too many, but a few that have reports into the authorities about your activities there. Thank you to those good people for caring about animals.
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Suggest removal:

21Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Well, thanks for pointing out my fibro symptoms. I guess I don't hide them as well as I was hoping. Still, there is nothing evil or illegal about suffering from a long-term illness.
I have lived with fibro for nearly ten years and yes, the symptoms are slowly but surely getting worse.
I thank God every day for our wonderful volunteers who pick up my slack on less functional days and are kind enough to overlook my memory lapses.
I love cats and want to help them. Otherwise I'd stay home and curl around my symptoms. I'm sorry you find our rescue so deficient, but frankly you are so filled with hate that nothing we say or do is going to please you.
I will be at PetCo in Boardman tomorrow with Smoochie. Since you have sworn to picket her appearances I guess I'll see you there.
I'm looking forward to it.

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22suzieg(4 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

It could be easier to believe your symptoms are due to fibromyalgia if you had not told so many stories bragging of your wild child days and your drug abuse. I know some other people with fibromyalgia who do not act like they are high.
BTW - How can you collect a disability check and do all the work you say you do at a shelter? And the computer work? And the vet tech work you say you do? If you can do all this, why aren't you working at a job instead of making taxpayers pay you?

Suggest removal:

23Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Childhood was over 30 years ago. I don't brag about my past, but I'm not ashamed of it either. Also, I do not act "high" or "drunk"; even though I am prescribed a painkiller during the day I never use anything stronger than Tylenol.
I'm not the one saying I do all the work at the shelter. I'm pretty sure I've said on many occasions that I decorate the place and wait on Smoochie.
Speaking of La Princessa, we've had 2 events with Smoochie this week, and no sign of you picketing mental midgets. Cowards!

Suggest removal:

24suzieg(4 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Cowards are people who use animals to make money and let them suffer, languish and die with no medical treatment and call themselves "no kill". People standing up to stop this abuse are not cowards. Wonder why so many people have left your group?

If you take nothing stronger than Tylenol for your fake ailments, it must be REALLY STRONG tylenol. You cannot even form a full sentence or stand up or sit up straight many times since you are so high. Rode in your vehicle twice and saw all the drugs spilled on the floor. Guess that was Tylenol, too.
If it looks like an addict, walks like an addict and talks like an addict, it is an addict. This is a nice outlet for getting money for your habit.
For all your idiot followers - even Charles Manson had followers. Doesn't mean you are doing anything right.

Suggest removal:

25Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

And she soars out of the blue and into the black...

You are cowards. Even though nothing you say is remotely true, you apparently believe it is true. You sincerely believe that cats here are being beaten, starved, brutalized and neglected.

Yet, while you believe this, you do NOTHING. Writing comments on a message board or giving us a bad review or calling our sponsors to badmouth us does NOTHING. You are worse than stupid, you are cowardly.

If you really sincerely gave a crap about cats and you really sincerely believe what you're saying and you do nothing about it you're garbage.

Suggest removal:

26suzieg(4 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Who said we are doing nothing about it? No one has ever said beaten nor brutalized nor starved, but NEGLECTED, yes indeed, they are.
We do truly care about cats and in the process of working to shut you down. These things take time. Since you have probably been in the CON business for most of your life, it may take a while. But it will happen, rest assured.
Cowards are the people who use animals to make money and allow them to suffer and die.

Suggest removal:

27Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

We do nothing of the sort. Our cats are not neglected. One visit to the shelter will make that obvious.

You're in the process of stalking. Period. You're a gossiping, nattering twit. Your vendetta is based completely upon money. When I wouldn't give in to your attempts at extortion you started stalking. You are sick and pathetic. You are also my life lesson: Never feel sorry for a psycho, they're friendless for a reason.

Suggest removal:

28suzieg(4 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Which one of the many HATERS and ex-volunteers, ex-donors, ex-foster people are you referring to? First, it was your ex-partner, then the other groups who were jealous of you, then the previous shelter you volunteered at, then every other shelter in town. So who is it now?
Poor, poor you. Everybody is making up stories about poor Kimm.

Suggest removal:

29Werecat(75 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

You claim to love cats, yet you're trying to shut down a cat shelter. You're trying to do this because you can't manage to run a rescue yourself. It's much easier to stalk me than to actually help cats. Oh no, that'd involve actual work.
Loser. Pathetic, friendless, psychotic loser. "We're going to picket you!" And not a one of you showed up. How are you going to shut me down? Craigslist posts? Sparring with me here in the Vindy?
You people are just a bunch of gossip mongers. Nothing resembling a fact ever passes your lips.
No fun in your past, hate in your present... I'm not seeing a bright future for you. Loser.

Suggest removal:

30savarose(7 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I have fostered for West Side Cats, which means I have been in all areas of the shelter. I see nothing but good things (seriously, my cats would kill for an area like the cat area upstairs there).

Til this morning, I also supported New Lease, but after reading this thread, the owner seems more than a bit unbalanced, so I will take my support elsewhere. Oh, and beware should you decide to shop at their thrift store, usually a dog will be wandering around, barking and sniffing you in inappropriate places while volunteers yell at it to behave. But, hey, maybe some people dig that.

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