Both vulnerable. South deals.


x5 4 2

uA Q 6 4 3

v7 3

wK 9 5


xQ 7 xK 8 6

uK 8 7 u10 9 5 2

vK 10 9 8 6 vQ 5

wJ 4 3 w10 8 7 2


xA J 10 9 3


vA J 4 2

wA Q 6

The bidding:


1x Pass 2x Pass

3v Pass 4x Pass

Pass Pass

Opening lead: Three of w

Of all the little-known bridge countries, Bulgaria’s record is among the best. Consider this defense from the European Championships some years ago.

South’s three diamonds was a help-suit game try. With a maximum raise to two spades and a doubleton diamond, North had an easy raise to game despite the poor trump holding.

West led a low club, and East’s ten lost to the ace. Declarer ducked a diamond to East’s queen, and a club was returned. South won in hand, cashed the ace of diamonds and tried to ruff a diamond in dummy, East overruffing with the six.

A club return went to the table’s king and a spade was led from the board. When East produced the king, it seemed to declarer that the heart finesse was no longer necessary for the contract. Since it appeared that East had been dealt a doubleton trump or K Q 6, another diamond could be ruffed on the table. That was exactly what South thought after winning the ace of spades, and East’s overruff with the eight came as a great surprise to declarer. West’s queen of spades was the setting trick.

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