Robinwood students welcome special guests


Neighbors | Adrienne Bish.Two second-graders sing a round with music teacher Dean Wilson during the Robinwood Lane KISS event on March 21.


Neighbors | Adrienne Bish.A group of second-grade students get silly during Robinwood Lane's KISS event on March 21.


Neighbors | Submitted.Thomas Riley colors a picture of his special person during Robinwood Lane's KISS event on March 21.


Neighbors | Submitted.Two kindergarten students get cookies to eat with their special person during Robinwood Lane's KISS event on March 21.


Students invited their special someone to join them for KISS Day on March 21 at Robinwood Lane Elementary as part of Kids Invite Someone Special Day. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters of kindergarten, first and second-graders heard a musical performance and enjoyed some refreshments.

The program, put on by principal Don Robinson and PTA, alternates every year with third and fourth-graders. Robinson said KISS Day is a chance to get people from the community into the school. Dean Wilson, music teacher at Robinwood, uses KISS Day as a chance for kids to show what they know to their family.

Wilson said there was no special preparation for the performance.

“We did the same things we would do during a normal class,” said Wilson. “It was like a music class demonstration for the parents.”

Students sang many songs including “Yankee Doodle,” “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” “Skidamarink,” “ABC’s” and “Turn off the TV.,” reminding students to turn off the television and read a book.

The students and Wilson got silly with a song about a candy man by singing in high-pitched voices, low-pitched voices, whispers and even thinking the song.

Wilson gave students a chance to step into the spotlight and sing solo by throwing a ball to them and having them repeat a line he sang first. Students also sang rounds and read music notes in the form of a “tee-teeka-ta” song.

“Music literacy begins in kindergarten, not in middle or high school,” said Wilson.

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