These days in Public Education are very interesting to say the least.

The daily routine in our youngsters’ classrooms continue to be filled with quality instruction in a safe, nurturing environment. With two-plus months remaining in our 2012-13 school calendar, the final push toward the summer finish line is our most important drive remaining.

High school students just completed OGTs with many upperclassmen and women looking toward April 13 for another round of ACT assessments. We continue to give our youngsters several options, when outlining their future, many choosing post-secondary education options such as college, trade school or military. Some will also choose to be a strong addition to the local workforce.

The important thing our youth must understand, is that prior to graduating from our fine institution, they will be receiving a quality education preparing them for whatever field is chosen.

Canfield students in grades three through eight are making their final preparation for the Ohio Achievement Assessments given the final week of April. This standardized test, given throughout the state of Ohio, is an assessment that creates a very stressful environment not only in classrooms, but homes every spring.

We continue to ask for assistance from home to extend the school day and facilitate extra homework and reading time during the final few weeks leading up to the test. Make every attempt to have your youngster attend every day prior to, and including test dates, to give them every opportunity for success on the test.

Our high school hosted an event where our students had the opportunity to learn about the dangers of texting while driving, and experience AT&T’s “It Can Wait” simulator. The students mentioned that the experience was a true eye-opener.

Having been in education for a number of years, I have seen too many young people suffer from making poor choices. We hope this program will help everyone learn to text responsibly. We also hope teachers, parents, and our teens will reinforce the message and provide a good example that texting and driving do not mix. Thanks to Attorney David Betras and AT&T for making the day a huge success.

We would like to send a special thank-you out to Mrs. Tara Kalina (high school guidance) and her mother, Mrs. Annette Kay (retired counselor) for giving their time and expertise recently to the Warren City school system to assist the staff and students in their grieving, after the loss of six students. Our district offered counseling services to the Warren district after hearing of the accident and they accepted our offer.

We would like to give special recognition to our boys bowling team and our Speech and Debate team. These fine young adults have shown a great deal of dedication and pride in winning state titles. Thank you to all of the volunteers who put on a wonderful State Speech Tournament and thank you to all of the bowling teams’ supporters for following the team members the entire way to state.

The much-anticipated break in the weather means spring sports will arrive. Our student-athletes will once again show what Cardinal pride is when they represent us to the best of their abilities on the fields of play.

I have to not only thank the coaches of our school teams, but also be thankful of what the many hours our local summer programs do for our Canfield youngsters. Good luck to our Cardinal teams and to our local teams this spring and summer.

(Alex G. Geordan is the Canfield Local Schools Superintendent. Neighbors will publish his monthly column one Saturday a month during the school year. To comment, send feedback to and it will be forwarded to Mr. Geordan.)

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