Neither vulnerable. West deals.



uK 9 8 6 3

vA 10 9 8

wA J 3


xA Q 8 7 4 3 xK 9 2

uVoid u4 2

v7 6 5 4 vQ J 3

w8 7 6 wK 10 9 5 2


xJ 6 5

uA Q J 10 7 5

vK 2

wQ 4

The bidding:


2xDbl 3x 4u

Pass 6u! Pass Pass


Opening lead: Ace of x

! North forgot he doubled

One of the most successful bridge clubs in America, on the east coast of Florida, is Jourdan’s in Delray Beach. More than 50 tables are packed daily. This deal appeared in the club’s report of that day’s session. It was played near the end of the game. That accounts for North’s exuberant bidding — he was tired and forgot that he had forced South to bid, and his partner had chosen hearts.

West led the ace of spades and shifted to the eight of clubs. Without a moment’s thought, declarer called for the ace of clubs. A trump to the ace provided the entry for a spade ruff, and declarer returned to hand with a trump, ruffed a spade, played another trump and ruffed the last spade high. Dummy’s last trump was played and taken in hand, and declarer ran all the trumps, coming down to this position with East still to play:

vA 10 9

v7 6 vQ J 3

w6 wK

vK 2


In desperation he pitched the king of clubs — note that a diamond discard would have been no better. Declarer now cashed the queen of clubs and claimed the slam.

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