Ohio income

Ohio income


Ohio’s per capita income rose at one of the fastest rates in the nation last year, another sign that the Rust Belt state’s economy is bouncing back after the recession.

The measure that includes all earnings — wages, dividends, interest income, rent — rose 1.7 percent from 2011 to 2012, to $39,289. That’s based on statistical analysis by The Dayton Daily News, which said Ohio’s income increase of $670 per capita trailed only North Dakota ($3,680) and Minnesota ($745).

“It is good news that our per capita income is increasing at all, and it is even better news that it is increasing so fast,” said James Brock, professor of economics at Miami University. “Ohio, for once, is leading the country out of recession, rather than lagging it and being last to the recovery party.”

Experts say incomes in Ohio continue to benefit from the revival of the manufacturing industry, particularly automaking, and the emergence of the oil and gas sector.

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