Marriage licenses

Michael J. Frisk, 24, of 1605 Forestbrook Lane, Painesville, and Jenna L. Gibbs, 23, of 2794 S. Bailey Road, North Jackson.

Brian D. Duchon, 30, of 1724 N. Quinn St., Unit 306, Arlington, Va., and Colleen P. Carney, 32, of same.

Mark J. Schroedel, 27, of 820 E. 7th St., Unit 225, Charlotte, N.C., and Nicole L. LaRocca, 26, of same.

Rodger T. Danvir, 65, of 2259 Country Lane, Poland, and Carol A. Walsh, 65, of same.

David A. McClearn, 25, of 9989 Rio San Diego Drive, Unit 136, San Diego, Calif., and Krystal L. Daniels, 25, of same.

Divorces asked

Yolanda Davis-Hobbs, of 536 Francisca Ave., Youngstown, v. Timothy Hobbs, of 1651 Stewart Ave., Youngstown.

Dana G. Thomas, of 550 W. Chalmers Ave., Unit 110, Youngstown, v. Cheryl L. Thomas, of 550 W. Chalmers Ave., Unit 105, Youngstown.

Roberta Dorsey, of 4801 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, v. William Dorsey, of 3118 Hillman St., Youngstown.

Mark E. Dean Sr., of 444 W. Boston Ave., Youngstown, v. Sharlene Y. Dean, of 7856 Elm St., Apt. 1, Masury.

Anthony M. Bethel, of 19 Walter St., Campbell, v. Irene Bethel, of 106 Gluck St., Apt. F, Youngstown.

Lorenzo E. Pinkard, of 145 Lincoln Park Drive, Youngstown, v. Cathy J. Pinkard, of 90 Sunnyside Lane, Columbus.

Tishana Wright, of 381 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, v. Raheim Wright, of 1520 Elm St., Apt. 2, Youngstown.

Christa Phillips-Gray, of 516 Griffith St., Apt. 1102, Youngstown, v. William Gray, of 1721 Forest View Drive, Youngstown.

Shannon L. Cunningham, of 3570 Meander Reserve Circle, Canfield, v. Brad D. Cunningham, of 1926 Peachtree Court, Poland.

Carl D. Burnbriel, of 3524 Hunter’s Hill, Poland, v. Nichole Burnbriel, of same.

Brian R. Fessler, of 798 Kentwood Drive, Unit 2, Boardman, v. Kelli L. Fessler, of 102 Meadow Crest Court, Hendersonville, Tenn.

Susan L. Shuluga, of 7911 Eastbrooke Trail, Poland, v. Gregory M. Shuluga, of same.

David M. Sedlacko, of 223 Mill Creek Drive, Boardman, v. Davina N. Sedlacko, of 42725 Kelly Park Road, Columbiana.

Leigh Ann Kocanjer, of 14064 South Ave., Columbiana, v. Brian K. Kocanjer, of 405 Flagler Lane, Boardman.

Dissolutions asked

Margie R. Roller, of 270 Mumford Circle, Youngstown, and Richard A. Roller, of 31 Maranatha Drive, Youngstown.

Justin C. Burgy, of 1950 Manhattan Ave., Youngstown, and Fnu Alka, of 1714 5th St., Apt. 8, Santa Monica, Calif.

Nicole Keaton, of 486 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. E46, Austintown, and Kenneth Keaton, of 1260 Cavalcade Drive, Austintown.


State v. Daro Correa, sentenced to 43 years to life in prison.

State v. Anthony Fossaceca, sentenced to one year in prison on counts one through three to be served consecutively to each other and to another case.

State v. Glenn E. Ervin, pleads guilty. (2)

State v. Alexis Norman, pleads guilty.

State v. Shante Morris, pleads guilty.

State v. Neasha Taylor, pleads guilty.

State v. Dominic Morgan, pleads guilty.

State v. Michelle Valentino, sentenced to complete day-reporting program at CCA.

State v. Richard N. Ames Jr., sentenced to two years’ community control through APA.

State v. Joseph F. Zimmerman, pleads guilty. (2)

State v. Scott G. Moretti, pleads guilty.

State v. William L. Tolle, pleads guilty.

State v. Kenneth E. Aflleje, pleads guilty.

State v. Robert T. Calvin, sentenced to one year in prison on counts one and two to be served concurrently to another case.

State v. Alana K. Reese, pleads guilty.

State v. Anna E. Watt, pleads guilty.

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP v. Anthony J. King et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Matrix Acquisitions LLC v. Michael D. Swain, payment ordered.

Michael D. Buzulencia v. HSBC, dismissed.

Lisa A. Antonini v. North Side Citizens Coalition for American General Financial Inc. et al, confirmation of sale.

Lisa A. Antonini v. North Side Citizens Coalition et al, confirmation of sale.

RBS Citizens v. Darren A. Boatwright et al, sheriff’s sale canceled.

Jeff J. Forman et al v. Roger R. Kreps, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Gertrude Amrhein et al, property withdrawn from sale.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Damila Winford et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Bank of America NA v. Terry O. Tetterton et al, order of sale withdrawn.

US Bank v. Jennifer L. Wigle et al, default judgment.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Debbie S. Duschl et al, foreclosure.

Barbara Wansley v. Beeghly Oaks et al, dismissed.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Jack J. Childs et al, foreclosure.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Ruth Farr et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Richard N. Miller et al, order of magistrate.

Frank S. Baran v. Steve Buehrer, admin of BWC et al, dismissed.

Midfirst Bank v. Wilda G. Saunders et al, foreclosure.

Loretta C. Robinson v. Morgan’s Foods Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

PNC Bank NA v. Edward J. Sich et al, foreclosure.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Theresa M. Constantine et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Keisha A. Berry et al, dismissed.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Richard J. Baluck et al, foreclosure.

PNC Bank NA v. Clement L. Eiland et al, dismissed.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Richard L. Ruby et al, dismissed.

Uni Home Solutions LLC v. Keith Fletcher, order of magistrate.

Erie Insurance Exchange v. Roxann M. Lundy, dismissed.

George Jones v. Kenneth E. Smith et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Michelle R. Warchola et al, foreclosure.

Patricia Klim v. Lou Paloci et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Meadowbrook Mall Co. v. Ben George, default judgment.

Northway McGuffey College Ltd. v. Kevin Ballew, default judgment.

Lois Sears v. Atoy LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Cheryl A. Phillips v. Michael Harris, dismissed.

Estalita Watson v. Raylin Blunt, decision of magistrate.

Real estate

Anthony J. Camuso et al to James E. Hammond et al, Montereale Drive, Canfield, $465,000.

Mark K. Habuda et al to Frank Ginnetti et al, Christopher Drive, Poland, $180,000.

Edward A. Scholl et al to Pennant Midstream LLC, Springfield, $120,000.

D.T. Duvall and Associates LLC to DACOH Holdings LLC, Youngstown-Poland Road, Struthers, $150,000.

D.T. Duvall and Associates LLC to DACOH Holdings LLC, Center Road, Poland, $300,000.

Mary Monus to Lawrence E. Tillman et al, Daytona Drive, Austintown, $88,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Mark L. Rosa, Twelfth Street, Campbell, $10,155.

Douglas G. Lewis et al to Walter A. Coy, Halbert Drive, Poland, $30,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Marcella A. Petruzzi, Youngstown-Salem Road, Canfield, $28,500.

CF Bank to Deveni L. Lowry, Squirrel Hill Court, Boardman, $80,000.

John F. Martinko to Karen Krouse, Pearson Circle, Boardman, $52,000.

Patrick Ruane et al to Felton Shropskire III, Peacock Drive, Youngstown, $86,000.

Whitney L. Ward et al to Betsy S. Marlier, Tippecanoe Road, Unit 3, Canfield, $98,000.

Michael Maris to Kenda L. Gura, Tara Drive, Poland, $195,870.

Lisa M. Lombardo to Joseph P. Rouzzo et al, Arrel Smith Road, Poland, $37,000.

First Place Bank to Tribune Corp., Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, $8,200.

Estate of Ann M. Busko et al to Gladys Izquierdo, Neoka Drive, Campbell, $42,000.

Christina Jessick to Anita Morton, West Warren Avenue, Youngstown, $8,000.

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