East-West vulnerable. South deals.


xA 7 2

u10 7 5 4 2

vK 8

w9 8 6


xK 6 3 xJ 10 8 5

uA 9 uK 8 6 3

vA 9 6 5 3 2 vJ 7 4

w7 3 wK 5


xQ 9 4

uQ J

vQ 10

wA Q J 10 4 2

The bidding:


1NT Pass 2v Pass

2u Pass Pass Pass

Opening lead: Ace of v

It is not often that you find spectacular defense on a partscore deal. However watch Eric Rodwell and Marty Fleisher at work on this deal from a major pair event.

Over partner’s weak no trump, North transferred to two hearts and that became the final contract. Fleisher got the defense off to a good start by leading the ace of diamonds and continuing the suit, won by declarer, the peripatetic Pakistani, Zia Mahmood. A low heart to the jack lost to the ace, and Fleisher continued the good work by leading another diamond, giving the declarer a ruff-sluff he did not really want.

South elected to ruff in dummy, discarding a club from hand, and lead the nine of clubs, covered by the king and taken with the ace. The queen of trumps lost to the king and, realizing that the defense needed to get spade tricks quickly before the losers disappeared on clubs, Rodwell found the devilish return of the ten of spades!

Not surprisingly, Zia covered with the queen, and West produced the king. Playing West for the king-jack, declarer chose to let the king hold. A low spade was returned, declarer played low from dummy, and East’s jack won. Since East still had to score the eight of trumps, that spelled down one and an excellent score since North-South usually made either one no trump or a club partial.

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