America is something special

America is something special

As American citizens we have been given the greatest heritage ever gained by any nation throughout history. Each day we enjoy privileges and benefits, which we have essentially done nothing to earn, but nevertheless, claim a right, because we are Americans.

However, along with our valuable heritage we also incurred major indebtedness. We owe our children and those that follow to make this nation just a little bit better than it was. Since the greatest and most oblivious social contributions are made possible by our governing body through the riches of the people. It is then up to those public officials whom we have elected to transform those wishes into reality. If any public official does not honor the wishes of the people they represent, they should be dismissed from office. It is your duty and right to hold these officials accountable.

I served my country for three years during World War II, stationed in three different countries. After the war, as our shipped passed Ellis Island, I prayed for the men who gave up their live so we can be free. As I passed by the Statue of Liberty, I thought of my mom and dad who came here in the early 1900s leaving their families and home town to make a new life in America. What courage they had and how proud I was that they made this decision to come to America.

In this coming election do your duty and vote, no matter what your political beliefs, and do not let anyone take that away from you. Our country does not need to be transformed. Our forefathers gave us the Constitution of the United States.

Carl DiTullio, Canfield