Clamp down on big oil companies

Clamp down on big oil companies

The gas crunch again. It’s hard to believe that there is a simple answer to all of the gas increases we keep getting. But, the answer really lies with our corrupt government and big business. Have you noticed how BP keeps telling us on the TV stations how concerned they are and how devoted they are to making right what they messed up in the gulf? Well, they have more than made back the funds they have spent, and then some, in the gas increases since the disaster.

Now to the solution to the gas problems we keep having that will never be implemented because of the government scratching the back of big oil and vice versa. The solution: The oil companies that harvest our land, or off-shore drilling, must not be allowed to sell any products to any country. All oil products go to this country and if there is any surplus, it goes into a reserve for situations like the present. Then we would not have the gas increases we are having at the present.

The problem is big business makes a lot more money selling to other countries than holding gas in reserve where it would not let them make a bigger profit. So, they give a lot of money to politicians who in return give them the right to sell to anyone they want. That is what they call free trade.

Free trade is the worst thing that has happened in my lifetime, and yours. It allows our jobs to be given to other countries that have the product made at a lower cost due to a lack of government controls, as we have, and they also allow countries to come here to make any product they want and get tax breaks, and send the profits back to the country of origin. And we, the stupid, buy them and then complain about no jobs. Look in your driveway and see what kind of car you are driving. If it is a foreign car, you are a major part of the problem.

The USA was, at one time, the world leader in car making. Sure there were problems, but they have been solved many times over, but the stupid keep buying foreign cars. No wonder we have no hope; we don’t deserve any.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman