Other presidents had it tougher

Other presidents had it tougher

Upon observing politics for the past 40 years, I find it amazing that this is the first president who accepts no responsibility for absolutely anything adverse that happens. What is worse, however, is that the mainstream American press is actively agreeing with his assessment instead of confronting him like they did President Bush. Mr. Obama is getting an unwarranted free pass.

To have letters to the editor stating that President Obama has inherited more problems than any other president in the past 60 years is just wrong. President Nixon had a stagnant economy, race and college riots, and the Vietnam war. President Carter had a stock market that had collapsed, aggressive Soviet policy, the Iranian revolution and the taking of our embassy. President Reagan inherited a dispirited nation, rampant inflation, interest rates in the high teens and a broken economy. Lastly President Bush inherited a recession and stock market that collapsed in March of 2000 along with 9/11.

In addition President Obama promised to improve the economy. He failed just as President Roosevelt did during the Depression. The unemployment rate in 1932 was 24 percent, in 1938 it was 18 percent. This was hardly a successful policy. To re-elect an individual whose policies have been a failure and who never even operated a business leaves me bamboozled.

Also, for the individual who stated that Mr. Obama would have prevented 9/11, didn’t we just have an ambassador murdered last Tuesday and a government totally surprised by the events in the Middle East? To apologize for our freedom of speech along with a weak response leaves one amazed at the popularity of Mr. Obama.

Jim McCloskey, Boardman