Fix roads that really need fixing

Fix roads that really need fixing

I cannot believe that there are not letters pouring in about this country road in Mahoning County. It is a big joke that the money is being spent to widen Western Reserve Road out in the country where traffic is minimal.

The people in charge of this decision apparently have never driven Western Reserve Road between Glenwood Avenue and South Avenue where there is actually a lot of traffic, congested traffic.

Coming home the other day I became aware of the “left hand turning lane” at Route 46 and Western Reserve Road. How ridiculous is that? Left hand turning lanes are needed at intersections which are actually busy such as Glenwood Avenue/Western Reserve Road and Southern Blvd./Western Reserve Road. Middle turning lanes are also needed where the reception halls, grocery store, restaurants, gas stations, doctor offices and a plaza are located.

Also the section of Western Road which was replaced about 10 years ago is already in horrible condition. Why? Is it poor maintainence or poor quality? Our New Buffalo Road which we have lived on for 32 years has been repaved only one time and of course is in terrible condition too.

Everyone should wonder where our tax money is being spent, because it sure isn’t going into our roads. I have watched from my home five to six men patching holes on our road. It is funny because there can be around 10 areas that need filled in and usually about half of them get attention. Would it not make more sense to fill them all at the same time and also when these areas are dry, not containing rain water? These situations need to be questioned more by the public and we need to be given some answers.

Marian Beil, North Lima