Marriage licenses

Michael A. Smith, 36, of 3239 E. South Range Road, New Springfield, and Lori A. Coller, 33, of same.

Jake I. Shirley, 21, of 5529 Beechwood Drive, Poland, and Angela M. Shuey, 18, of same.

David J. Russell, 27, of Canfield, and Lauren M. Umbel, 27, of Poland.

Matthew P. Schmidt, 23, of 50 Melbourne Ave., Youngstown, and Tina M. Russell, 26, of same.

Jason Allen Fitzgerald, 26, of 7701 Salem-Unity Road, Salem, and Lindsey J. Leyman, 21, of same.

Richard K. Foley, 47, of 3295 McCartney Road, Youngstown, and Tina Garwood Foley, 46, of same.

Nathan D. Boyett, 26, of 4603 Hopkins Road, Youngstown, and Nicole A. L. Prihoda, 24, of same.

Christopher A. Tomczak, 31 of 5258 Countryside Drive, Erie, Pa., and Erica L. Dietrich, 28 of same.

Joshua R. Brett, 32 of Youngstown, and Kristen A. Jack, 24 of same.

Edward R. Damron, 51 of 14278 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg, and Brenda L. Berry, 50 of same.

Jeffrey Allen Clarke, 31, of 1934 Wagner St. NW, Dover, and Lauren R. Gallo, 28 of 4341 Meadowview Drive, Canfield.

Domestic relations

Rachael L. Phillis v. Timothy L. Phillis, dismissed.

Maryanne E. Corll v. Jennifer R. Shearer, dismissed.

Marlane Kotch v. Michelle Martin, dismissed.

Elizabeth Dakkadakis v. William T. Dakkadakis.

Latoya Fornore v. Tramaine G. Wright, dismissed.

Heather Markota v. Jesus Marquez, dismissed.

Basilisa Holowach v. Brian M. Spin, dismissed.(2)

Cecilia R. Muniz v. Davell Collins III, dismissed.

Marcus Pearson v. Tomacina May, dismissed.

Elizabeth A. Fuhrman v. Jaime R. Bair Sr., dismissed.

Kimberly K. Buchanan v. Loni Quinn, dismissed.

Karen Piper v. Patrick Kent, dismissed.

Allyanna Jenkins v. Djuan Kimbrough, dismissed.

Leland H. Bennett v. Phyllis Galbreath, dismissed.

Leland H. Benett v. Dtreal Alexandrea, dismissed.

Angelica R. Howell v. Kevin M. Derilus Sr., dismissed.

Thomas F. Collins v. Kathy G. Dina, dismissed.

Kayla N. Pace v. Antoinette C. Pace, dismissed.

Daniel Sims v. Ashley Croley, dismissed.

Richard Olivito v. Kenneth R. Krecken, dismissed.

Bonnie Hall v. Otis Logan, dismissed.

Gina Tucker v. Allen S. Tucker, dismissed.

Scott E. Sittig v. Julie M. Sittig, dismissed.

Shantae Moore v. Maurice Hasley, dismissed.

Chante Childress-Harris v. Mark K. Harris Sr., dismissed.

Jessica Cunningham v. Zachart Vanhorn, dismissed.

Sylvia Cuebas v. Terrance J. Dawson, dismissed.

Denise T. Victor v. Louis C. Ciccone, dismissed.

Britney L. Hallett v. Christina Hallett, dismissed.

Patrick J. Allen Sr. v. Nona C. Henderson, dismissed.

Amanda E. McBriar v. Dustin Clayton, dismissed.

Crystal J. Wallace v. Melvin D. Johnson, dismissed.

Jeffrey J. Lewis v. Renee Milligan, dismissed.

Melisa R. Howell v. Robert Brancho Jr., dismissed.

Antoine R. Collins v. Ronelle T. Ferrell, dismissed.

John W. Fox Sr. v. Tara L. Minerd, dismissed.

Rachel A. Malave v. Joseph J. Hardy, dismissed.

David Vaughn v. Lasonya Clark, dismissed.

Danny L. Scott v. Rebecca Sanchez, dismissed.

Jessica Bacha v. Abraham Meyers, dismissed.(2)

Jackie F. Lutes v. Kenneth E. Halko, dismissed.

Rebecca R. Stickle v. Ernest J. Johnson, dismissed.

Jennifer Jarrell v. Alvin Hall, dismissed.

Robin E. Williams v. Joseph P. Williams, dismissed.

Emit Meade Jr. and Kathleen Meade, dissolution granted.

Mary M. Toomey and Edmund J. Toomey, dissolution granted.

Maria L. Gatta and Samuel J. Gatta, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Maria L. Sait.

William J. Sitler and Jennifer R. Sitler, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jennifer R. Janis.

Sarah S. Kelty and Arthur E. Kelty III, dissolution granted.

Jodi L. Johnston and Scott D. Johnston, dissolution granted.

Jessica L. McFall and Gregory W. McFall, dissolution granted.

Laurie B. Gotthardt and Gerals A. Gotthardt, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Laurie B. Ackerson.

Heidi R. Smith and Robert E. Baxa, dissolution granted.

Geoffrey L. Craig and Alhoma V. Craig, dissolution granted.

Irisa D. Carnahan and David M. Carnahan, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Irisa D. Flowers.

Dennis Jones and Joann Jones, dissolution granted.

Kristina L. Daley and Thomas J. Daley III, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Kristina L. Vecchione.

Daniel G. Musser and Shydel S. Musser, dissolution granted.

Kenneth J. Tirpack and Lisa M. Tirpack, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Lisa M. Thompson.

Melanie S. Usis and Jeremy A. Basham, dissolution granted.

Jami B. Croyle and Jackie L. Croyle II, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jami B. Williams.

Matthew D. Hale and Jennifer L. Hale, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jennifer L. Bucci.

Real estate

Chatur Corp. to Hotel California Inc., Clarkins Drive, Austintown, $300,000.

Thomas M. Paranzino to Young S. Kim et al, Columbiana-Canfield Road, Canfield, $350,000.

Cole C. Pentz to Donald G. Loveless, Pine Lake Drive, Lake Milton, $200,000.

Bank of America to Mitchell Kithy, Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, $4,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA et al to William P. Ciccarelli Jr., Afton Ave., Youngstown, $43,000.

Monte Sec et al to Edward Villone et al, Lakeview Blvd., Unit 18, Lake Milton, $145,000.

Eva Vaporis to Heather M. Douglass, Gardenwood Place, Youngstown, $133,000.

Estate of Maria Teutsch to Fletcha T. Weaver et al, Rosemont Ave., Youngstown, $69,900.

The Robert C. Halstead Revocable Living Trust to William A. Amero, South Ave., Poland, $275,000.

JWC Development LLC to Patriot Land Co. LLC, Meridian Road, Youngstown, $280,000.

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