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President earned another term

Published: Mon, September 17, 2012 @ 12:00 a.m.

President earned another term

When Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and extolled the intelligence and the strength of President Obama, he made many great points as to why the citizens of this country should re-elect the president. But I was struck most by one thing he said: When the next big crisis hits, whether it is a terrorist attack, banking collapse, natural disaster or confrontation with a foreign power, who do you want sitting in the Oval Office?

I can’t help but wonder how the terrorist attacks on 9/11 would have been handled if President Obama was in charge at the time. Who knows, they may have been intercepted before it occurred. Would we have gone to war in Iraq, causing the best of our children to be killed or maimed and bankrupting the country? Would we even have a debt crisis now?

From day one in office President Obama has faced down more challenges than any president I can remember in my 59 years. And he did this with one hand tied behind his back due to the obstructionists in the Republican Party. I saw video of the president at the Washington Press Corps Dinner, cool as a cucumber, speaking to the crowd at this gala event. Never once did he tip off anyone that the raid to get bin Laden was under way. His entire presidency rode on the outcome and yet he went about his business as if nothing was occurring.

This election, sad to say, once again comes down to black and white. Can people honestly look inside themselves and see the real reason they are against President Obama, even to the point they will vote against their own self-interest to elect a billionaire who is so disconnected from the average citizen? Barack Obama is a leader who deserves another term.

Frank D. Dundee, Boardman


1chuck_carney(499 comments)posted 2 years ago

Some reasons to vote against Obama:

Over $16 trillion debt
16% real unemployment
Solyndra etal
Obama contributors MF Global and Gov. Corzine

Hatred of US as shown by worldwide protests, murders and bombings

Inability to work with Congress

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2Knightcap(699 comments)posted 2 years ago

The national debt is over 16 trillion and climbing. Unemployment over 10%. More people on food stamps and welfare. The middleclass shrunk again this year. Gas prices at $4. No economic plan. No energy policy. Another 4 years of Obama? This country can't afford him especially our children and grand kids. Hey Frankie, white people elected him president. It's not about black or white. It's about about economic expansion, putting people to work and getting our national debt down. How about that Obama got 95% of the black vote? I guess you could call it racial when you look at it that way.

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3Lifes2Short(3877 comments)posted 2 years ago

"This election, sad to say, once again comes down to black and white."

Oh, the race card again. So if you vote for Obama because he's black it's OK, but if you don't, you'll be considered a racist? Interesting.

"Barack Obama is a leader who deserves another term."

A leader? Really?

I'm still undecided, but your going to have to come up with better reasons then he was "cool as a cucumber" at a gala when they were getting Bin Laden (which by the way, if the operation failed we never would have heard about it) and the "what if's", because those arguments just don't cut it. This is 2012 and how is the economy as of September/ 2012? Any better then 4 years ago?

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4cathylukasko(116 comments)posted 2 years ago

When DEMS have NO answer for Obama's failed presidency, they use RACISM. How very sad. What happened to the 1960's DEMS and JFK that said "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU. ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY." Obama is all about more government dependency and entitlements. LONG gone from the JFK days !

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5cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

Things were going so great in December of 2008 and Obama had to go and ruin it.

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6DwightK(1256 comments)posted 2 years ago

Cathy, President Obama hasn't had a failed presidency. The unemployment rate is shrinking, healthcare has been changed for the better, gigantic job losses have shrunk and this president has shown an expertise in foreign relations that the country has long missed.

You'll notice for example, that when our Libyan embassy was attacked we didn't bomb Iraq. Those are the details you're apt to miss if you watch too much Fox News.

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7rickking123(292 comments)posted 2 years ago

Chances are Obama won't be sitting in the Oval Office when the next big crisis hits. He'll be out fundraising or getting ready for an appearance on the David Letterman show instead of meeting with the Prime MInister of Israel.

And as to unemployment shrinking. Is it really or are they just not counting people anymore. I wonder what the TRUE unemployment rate is.

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8Politico(27 comments)posted 2 years ago

Let's not forget who really triggered the banking crisis. You can go to Youtube and watch for yourself the Bush Administration officials testifying before Congress about their concern and potential dangers of the house of cards built by Fannie Mae. In front of the Congressional Finance and Banking Committee chaired by Barney Frank, they blew off the warnings and concerns. Frank and his Senate friend Chris Dodd, extolled how wonderful it was that so many people could buy homes, full well knowing that all too many were unqualified to get the loans, couldn't make the payments, and provided little if any credit information. This was pushed by the Democrats and they shut down debate and inquiries into the many times Bush raised the danger flags. Frank, Dodd, and others should be dragged out and tarred and feathered. They also intimidated banks and threatened extensive audits and harrassment if they didn't comply in granting dangerous loans. If people want to lay blame as to WHO and WHAT caused the problems have the Democrats look in the mirror.

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9FormerYtowner(96 comments)posted 2 years ago

Listen people, this congress has been the most obstructive congress in the history of our country, and yet you have the gall to accuse the president of failed policies and broken promises. The POTUS can't do it alone. When Mitch McConnell says the Republicans' goal should be to make Obama a one term president, you can't honestly say they care for the citizens of this country.

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10classics(53 comments)posted 2 years ago

Sorry Frank, you make a very weak argument for reelecting Obama. Thought you were smarter than this. Please do more homework.

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11rickking123(292 comments)posted 2 years ago

Education Voter forgets that the Israelis took out a nuclear reactor in Iraq and also another facility in Syria. He also forgets that the Iranians have gone on record as saying that collateral damage (the deaths of arabs in neighboring countries) from a nuclear attack on Israel is acceptable. So meeting with your primary ally in the middle east should take priority over a Letterman appearance.

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12Lifes2Short(3877 comments)posted 2 years ago


So instead of telling us why we shouldn't vote for Romney (and those are really lame excuses) why not comment on how much Obama did for the USA in 4 years? And also my question, "Is the economy any better? "

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13cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

Hman....."a businessman". bush was an executive at more than one company and the dick, cheney was the CEO of hallaburton. Nuff said.

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14VINDYAK(1799 comments)posted 2 years ago

It is sad to see how many feel that Obama "saved" General Motors and all the jobs that came with it. He allowed GM to go "Bankrupt" just like Romney said it should do.

Don't believe that spin about Romney "forcing" GM to go bankrupt and go out of business. Going Bankrupt allowed GM to reorganize, stay in business and come back as a new organization. Just as Romney said it should.

What Obama did that was over-reaching government control of a bankruptcy was his handling of retiree pensions and the closing of hundreds of GM dealerships across the country that were owned by business owners who supported Republican candidates.

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15redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

cambridge writes, "Things were going so great in December of 2008 and Obama had to go and ruin it"

Beginning in Jan 2007, which party had control of both houses of congress the last two years of the Bush presidency with barney frank heading the House Financial Services and chris dodd heading the Senate Banking Committee, two areas the president does not have a say in? Fifteen months later when the bottom dropped out which two areas were at the center of it? You guessed it Bunky, FINANCE and BANKING!!!

Thanks for the lead in cambridge.

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16redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Nice try FLHT..., when you subtract the 1% that the occupy clowns raved about you have 99% left over. Subtract the 47% who pay no taxes or get all their tax money back and possibly more and that leaves 52% of the people who actually pay taxes which would probably include your 50K a year wage earner. I noticed that you said 50K and under which is a nice way to imply that the 47% are all actual tax payers.

Now will the 47% that do not pay any taxes vote for obowser, of course. If you are on the dole why would you not?

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17Lifes2Short(3877 comments)posted 2 years ago


"Life2, ask your republican buddys why they obstructed every effort to improve the economy, for their own selfish purpose, not the good of the country. There you will find the answer to your question."

Republican buddies? I don't have no party. As I already commented, I'm undecided, and from what everyone is saying how great Obama has been, are all lame. Nothing that stands out, except being "cool as a cucumber at a gala," and all the "What If''s." That really doesn't make a strong case for Obama. Romney seems to wishy washy, but can he do a better job then Obama?? Tough question.

It's comes down to who is the "lesser of two evils."

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18NOblahblah(6 comments)posted 2 years ago

FLHTCUI - another miss at reality. Obama had two years of a Democrat House and Democrat Senate. The SAME Democrat House and Senate that ran the country into the ground during Bush' second term. He got EVERYTHING he wanted passed including OBAMA-DON'T-CARE

When the Republicans took the House and decided to shut off his spend-aholic credit card, he and the first Wookie decided to go on vacation. Then they went on vacation and after that they went on vacation. Then he played golf and they went on vacation. He took a break to champion the overthrow of the Evil Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and we see how well that is going. Then he played some more golf and went on vacation. Then he and the First Wookie went on vacation again.

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19NOblahblah(6 comments)posted 2 years ago

As for Our Great Leader "saving" GM... He ignored 200+ years of bankruptcy LAW, took the equity from the stock holders and bond holders who invested their money in the company - and gave it to the union. Did he address any of the REASONS GM went bankrupt in the first place? NO. Did he restructure the operations practices? NO. Did he restructure the wage and benefit packages for the employees? NO. He closed hundreds of dealerships (putting thousands out of work) using campaign contributions as the criteria for which ones to keep open.

So now GM builds government subsidized cars and sells them for less than they cost to produce. The Volt costs over $80,000 to build and you can lease one for two years for $5,000 or buy one for $40,000. Sounds like a solid business model to me. NOT. Here's the funny thing. Without continued government subsidies - GM IS STILL BANKRUPT! Nothing has been fixed. And as soon as the govt money runs out - which it will. GM will be back on the chopping block. But THIS time PRIVATE equity and venture capital will step in and fix it the right way.

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20Hlecter(59 comments)posted 2 years ago

@Frank Dundee

Man-crushes are so sad.

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21cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

You have to laugh at the dopes that bring up bush's Democrat congress yet can't name one spending bill that was passed that bush didn't favor. bush had veto power and used it on any bill the Democrats put in front of him.

Anyone with a brain knows that teabagger/republican policies caused the financial crisis and are the reasons that the teabagger/republican party in this country are both defective and irrelevant.

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22redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

cambridge, you say that Bush favored all spending bills sent to him by the democratic congress and then in the next sentence you say that he vetoed all bills the democratic congress sent to him. Is your first comment a lie or the second one? Why did the libs send spending bills that Bush favored, because they knew if they wanted them passed they better meet his approval.

And of course remember barney and chris and the two areas that were at the bottom of the financial mess and who called the shots in the 15 months before the collapse!

Now, once more explain the libs own words in the attached video. Yes, I know I have presented it many times in the past but it is the libs own words. Example, your sweetheart Maxine talking about 100% mortgages, you know, no equity, nothing to lose if you do not pay your mortgage. But, what do we expect from someone from the "land of fruits and nuts" which is about to go belly up completely!


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23cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

I guess you also have to laugh at the dopes that don't know how to read. Read one thing, then claim they read something else.

It's hilarious that when romney talks about the people benefiting from government programs these people are too stupid to know he is talking about them and they are so stupid they will vote against their own best interest.

teabagger's, you gotta love em!

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24NOblahblah(6 comments)posted 2 years ago

No #cambridge actually anyone with a "brain" knows it was Barny Frank and Chris Dodd (Democrats) whos policies caused the housing market crash and financial crisis. The BUSH whitehouse went to congress no less than SEVEN times asking them to take action to shore up the sub-prime mortgage issue. Barny Frank actually called the administration RACIST for wanting to stop giving people loans to buy houses they couldn't afford. But you're obviously one of the 47% who don't pay taxes.

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25redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

cambridge pays lots of taxes to support all the "undocumented democrats" in fruit and nut land. Federal tax, state tax, county tax, city tax, street tax next? Gov. "moonbeam" may have to raise his taxes even more. One city near LA I think has a sales tax rate of 9.75%. Once more california leads the way. Let's hear it for california. Hey! hey!

cambridge mentioned one time that he built a bunch of hospitals. The little fat mexican future mamas will be for ever grateful.

Love it when a plan works!!!

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26walter_sobchak(1910 comments)posted 2 years ago

Save your breath! I have posted exactly what you posted and it falls on deaf ears. A nation of LAWS? That's not what Barack Hussein Obama believes. AN absolute pure payoff to the UAW, making them a secured creditor while forcing legitimate investors (many GM employees that held "old" GM paper) to accept little or nothing. ANd the housing crisis was brought on by the federal govt. agreeing to fully back risky mortgages by shady companies. If I own a mortgage company and the US govt tells me they will fully back the notes with US CREDIT, I'm writing every note that comes across my desk.

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27IslandMike(752 comments)posted 2 years ago

I am a victim like Mitt-Flopper says, I look for a handout every other Friday. Yep, I work 40+ hours every week for two weeks and then I have the darned arrogance to expect a paycheck. I have two cousins who are also 100% dependent on the government, one is a male (democrat) and the other a female (independent) and they are serving in Afghanistan along with a bunch of other free loaders in the U.S. Army.

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28cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

Noblahblah....I've probably had years where I paid more in taxes than you earned, so don't believe everything you think.

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29redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Okay FLHTCUI, let me answer your question and then I will add a few for you.

1) Did I want to see Lordstown close, of course not but I would of liked to see Gm go thru a normal bankruptcy and restructure like a thousand other companies had done instead of a "special" one designed to protect obowser's union base while screwing the original stock holders.

2) The retiree's pension guarantee could of been part of the new GM under a normal bankruptcy.

3) Do I want a depression, hell no but if we keep trying to depress capitalism we are headed toward one.

4) Where do you get the idea that no one blames the GM management for sitting on their cans instead seeing that they had a problem and restructuring their debt like Ford did? Worthless pieces of crap!

5) Why would the financial markets not loan money to GM? The financial markets did not see GM as a viable entity. Ford took the necessary steps to restructure and thus were able to borrow.


1) Why was the hourly pensions at Delphi protected and the salaried not?
Gee, union versus nonunion maybe?

2) Why were some successful dealerships closed while some lesser ones stayed open? Who the ownership donated to perhaps!

3) As for your friend that has the rental property. That low down scumbag, how dare he work hard and become successful. I have some rental properties and still pay a good chunk in property taxes. Ask him how he avoids all his taxes, I would like to know his secret. Oh, he adds the property tax to the rentals, I guess the renters have a choice of whether or not they want to rent from him, right. Little jealous of his success perhaps?

Oh well, I answered my questions to you for you. See how nice I am!

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30IslandMike(752 comments)posted 2 years ago

I love how the repubs crashed the US economy with the Bush era tax cuts, two unfunded wars and now try to blame the debt on Obama. Lets see $1.4 Trillion for the Bush era tax cuts, 1.5 Trillion in stimulus spending started by Bush due to failed republican policies, and 4.3 Trillion in war debts also started by Bush. 670 Billion for the Dept of Homeland Security started by Dubya. Yep, considering that Bush already had us in debt before 9/11 his BRILLIANT deductions for those "job creators." worked wonders. I love the DOUBLE STANDARD, not one republicon said a word about the debt when they were driving the Brinks truck over the cliff, but now that Obama has saved GM, killed Bin Laden and ENDED the War in Iraq, they complain about the DEBT. BRILLIANT!!!

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31southsidedave(4780 comments)posted 2 years ago

2 yahoos running for President...doesn't really make a difference which one wins = same result

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32Lifes2Short(3877 comments)posted 2 years ago

southside - Agree 100%

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33redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

So what you are saying YBR is that after Fannie May and Freddie Mac bought up all the 100% (no equity) loans that they supported and sold them to financial institutions assuring them that they were 100% safe (Franklin Raines quote) they discovered that the loans were not being paid (well who would of thought) and thus the bottom dropped out of the financial market.

Once more, look at this clip and see if you would like to comment on it! If you do, you will be one of the few libs that will discuss it.


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34cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

The teabagger/republican senate just voted and blocked a bill creating jobs for veterans. The bill called for a 1 billion dollar investment in our veterans, about what bush spent in Iraq every three days.

Once again the priority is tax breaks for the top 1% and corporate welfare for oil, gas, tobacco, factory farmers and companies that off shore jobs.

U.S. oil companies are back in business in Iraq and these veterans serve no further purpose. The teabagger/republicans are done with them so just kick them to the curb and lets focus on those tax cuts for the top 1%. The link says it all.


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35redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

From your own link cambridge I find this,

I quote:

1)Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said the federal government already has six job-training programs for veterans and there is no way to know how well they are working. He argued that making progress on the country's debt is the best way to help veterans in the long-term.

2) Democratic lawmakers turned to the legislation shortly before they will adjourn for the final weeks of this year's election campaigns. The bill had little chance of passing the House this Congress, but it still allowed senators to appeal to a key voting bloc.

If I didn't know better I would think that it was just a political ploy designed to sway voters. Sleazy but what can you expect.

ps: Thanks for the link cambridge.

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36boardmanscoop(2 comments)posted 2 years ago

Bush was a democrat and newt was behind clinton truth is truth and fact is fact. look it up its all true and btw gm would have never gone out of biz

btw check out commieblaster.com for all the real news

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37IslandMike(752 comments)posted 2 years ago

The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 is what repealed The Glass-Steagal Act. Glass Stiegal was put in place to prevent one arm of the banking industry (ex: commercial banking) from bringing down another (ex: investment banking) when those barriers were removed, it allowed for the whole industry to be exposed when the sub prime mortgage crisis (2007) brought down Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. Lehman was an investment bank and had it not been for the removal of the barriers that The Glass-Steagall Act put in place after the Great Depression, many feel that the investment banks would not have been exposed. As a result, Bear Stearns and Lehman failed and the stock market went in the toilet, but my favorite part....

Just before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, executives at Neuberger Berman sent e-mail memos suggesting, among other things, that the Lehman Brothers' top people forgo multi-million dollar bonuses to "send a strong message to both employees and investors that management is not shirking accountability for recent performance."

Lehman Brothers Investment Management Director George Herbert Walker IV dismissed the proposal, going so far as to actually apologize to other members of the Lehman Brothers executive committee for the idea of bonus reduction having been suggested. He wrote, "Sorry team. I am not sure what's in the water at Neuberger Berman. I'm embarrassed and I apologize."

Now that is the DISEASE of republican thinking in a nut shell.

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38Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

Even though the right-wingers won’t admit the real reason they hate Obama, you can always trust Randy Newman to talk about the elephant in the room. The award-winning songwriter, who supports President Obama, has weighed in on the role of race in the presidential election, releasing a satirical song on Tuesday poking fun at voters who long for the days when a white man was in the White House.
The song has the refrain “I’m dreaming of a white president” and is written from the point of the view of a voter who casts his ballot solely on the basis of race. Mr. Newman said in a press release he felt the passionate opposition to President Obama over issues that generally put the public to sleep – the budget deficit and health care policy, for instance – belie a deep strain of racism in the electorate.
“I think there are a lot of people who find it jarring to have a black man in the White House and they want him out,” Mr. Newman said. “They just can’t believe that there’s not a more qualified white man. You won’t get anyone, and I do mean anyone, to admit it.”
Mr. Newman is wading right into the presidential race. The song includes the line: “He won’t be the brightest, perhaps / But he’ll be the whitest / And I’ll vote for that.”
Mr. Newman told The Associated Press: “I felt that sentiment exists in the country. I don’t know how many people you can get to admit it. I think maybe zero.” The truth, plain and simple.

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39Knightcap(699 comments)posted 2 years ago

Even though the left-wingers won't admit, but 95% of the black vote went to Obama. I wonder if color had anything to do with it. No, they're doing just fine. Please, this idiot has no plan and in four years we will be over 20 million in debt. Like the pres said "we're ok in the short term but in the long run?) Even he doesn't know what to do. He's putting too many people into welfare and food stamps.

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40Ypboy(50 comments)posted 2 years ago

Frankie, you are one sick bastard.

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41LtMacGowan(643 comments)posted 2 years ago

I personally believe that President Obama has earned another term. I am better off now than I was 4 years ago. President Obama has signed several bills that have directly impacted myself and my family in a greatly positive way.

G.M. is alive and thriving. Osama Bin Laden is dead, Combat troops have left Iraq, we are drawing down troops in Afghanistan, The economy was crashing when he took over and now we're in recovery albeit a slow one which is still better than none at all.

During this hard time the Obama administration got unemployment benefits increased and extended which helped many families I know.

I just wish Obama was more to the left instead of being just left of center. Its because the GOP has moved so far to the right that he looks like a leftist.

Also for the first time if I didn't get VA coverage and Medicaid I could get private insurance and not have every single claim denied as a pre existing condition.

Yes the Deficit needs to be reduced but by increasing revenues aka as that dirty word, TAXES and selected spending cuts but not right in the middle of a recovery. It could send us right back into recession or even worse. The GOP plan is always Tax cuts, Got a surplus? Tax cuts. Got a deficit? Tax cuts!.

This is addressed to the conservatives here. When Obama wins in November you have only yourself to blame for allowing the Tea Party thugs to hijack the Republican party and drag you so far to the right that even modern republicans are being called "Socialist" btw I suggest you actually read up on that since Obama is in no way advocating complete government ownership of EVERYTHING, setting price controls and wage controls on Everything and Everyone too.

I am proud to have voted for Obama in 2008 and I am proud to do so again in 2012.

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42Lifes2Short(3877 comments)posted 2 years ago

""The song has the refrain “I’m dreaming of a white president” and is written from the point of the view of a voter who casts his ballot solely on the basis of race.
"Mr. Newman is wading right into the presidential race. The song includes the line: “He won’t be the brightest, perhaps / But he’ll be the whitest / And I’ll vote for that.”

I can just imagine the "outrage" if the lyrics were reversed. The masses would be rioting and protesting and blasting Randy Newman till the end of time. But it's OK because nothing is wrong when it's "for" the blacks. Yikes.

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43redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Okay YBR, I agree with you that the laws were weakened by conservatives. But as a conservative I can admit when we screw up, something that you libs will not do. Now, WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE of a weakened law, Fannie and Freddie took advantage of it.

Two of your finest, maxine and barney are featured in the clip I posted earlier. "nothing wrong with 100% mortgages", "making a big issue over something that is not a problem" plus raines stating that "home mortgages were the safest investment going".

Falsifying records to get maximum bonuses for Fannie may executives.
Million dollar bonus for franklin raines, you will not hear one lib say anything about that but let a bonus go to a conservative and you all cry like babies. Why did raines agree to pay back over 24 million dollars to avoid prosecution.
Your ytown mentality is once more showing thru. By the way, how has this mentality worked out for ytown (the armpit of Ohio) the last 50-60 years?

Not sure why I waste my time arguing with you libs other than it is fun!


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4476Ytown(1242 comments)posted 2 years ago

LTMacGowan wrote: "I am better off now than I was 4 years ago. " - The MAJORITY of the country if far worse off and the future looks bleak for generations to come..

"G.M. is alive and thriving" - About to go bankrupt AGAIN. "Osama Bin Laden is dead" - Over 20 nations say death to USA, we are all Osamas.. "Combat troops have left Iraq, we are drawing down troops in Afghanista" , - This president is sticking his head in the sand over current events. "The economy was crashing when he took over and now we're in recover " - Promised to reduce the deficit by 1/2 in his first term...not.

"During this hard time the Obama administration got unemployment benefits increased and extended which helped many families I know" - I'm sorry, but extending unemployment is not the answer...getting back to work is.

"Also for the first time if I didn't get VA coverage and Medicaid I could get private insurance and not have every single claim denied as a pre existing condition." - Romney will keep the common sense benefits of Obamacare but as Pelosi stated, you'll have to sign the bill to find out what's it. They only told us a few of the good parts of Obamacare, If you think you're getting something for free, you're mistaken.

"Yes the Deficit needs to be reduced but by increasing revenues aka as that dirty word, TAXES" - Even if we take away ALL of the worth of the ALL of the wealthy of the top 400 richest in this nation, we'll only have $1.5 trillion to apply to the deficit. A trillion is a mind boggling number!

"This is addressed to the conservatives here. When Obama wins in November you have only yourself to blame for allowing the Tea Party thugs to hijack the Republican party" - Actually, the Koolaid party has been hijacked. The government may be able to take care of you today, but look to the not so distant future, bigger deficits, more borrowing, higher interest, fewer jobs, and we reach a point that the government will not be able to take care of you. Not to mention inflation. For those who are working, any savings they had will be meaningless.

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45LtMacGowan(643 comments)posted 2 years ago

Meh, I said what I wanted to. I'll be voting for Obama again since he s more than earned it for me.

Also its rude to take some one out of context I said TAXES and SPENDING CUTS

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46cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

LTMacGowan.....Taking someone out of context is what teabaggers do. You could post an entire article from a reputable news source and they will pick one or two sentence's or phrases and try and spin the article. They will ignore the 95% of the article that says their spin is BS. They are defective and irrelevant which is why Obama will win by the landslide I've been predicting for two years while the teabaggers cry "one and done." That would be wishful thinking on their part.

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4776Ytown(1242 comments)posted 2 years ago

LtMacGowan, thank you for your service to our country. I regret not saying that in my first post.

Sorry you thought I took it out of context. I do agree with spending cuts. It's the tax the rich solution that I don't think will work. Unfortunately we're all going to end up with paying higher taxes in order to get out of this mess we are in and those taxes are going to hit us in ways that don't include income taxes but in everyday expenses.

There is so much waste in government. They need to take a hard look at eliminating programs and spending. Just like we would look at eliminating expenses in our personal budget when we don't have the money to pay for it all, government needs to get MAD when they hear of the wasteful spending like in the GSA fiasco. Why is our government paying bonuses to employees? This is a disgrace. They receive a salary for their job. They should not be entitled to a bonus for doing what they are expected to do. In the private sector the reward for a better than expected outcome might be a raise next year or a promotion, but not an egregious bonuses.

Government payroll and government spending has gone up exponentially under this administration. We ARE reaching the "tipping point" of no return if we continue in this direction..

As a parent, we want our children to grow up and be responsible for themselves. Government should do the same, rather than creating a dependency they should look for ways provide a path to independence. We want our government to provide a safety net in case of need. We want our laws to improve our standard of living and protect us. We want opportunity to better ourselves. We want to maintain our dignity!

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48redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

So cambridge says that the teabaggers take one or two sentences from a article and ignore the rest. At least that is better than what cambridge does along with most other libs around here. Case in point, I have included a link to a congressional hearing on this website at least a dozen times over the last couple years. It discusses the housing market meltdown and who was actually behind it and the huge bonuses that their leader got. Apparently there was no problem with that. Not once has cambridge tried to defend his lib lady from fruitland or BARNEY. Even get a comment from Billy at the end. Some have come back and said first off that they did not go to the link, yea right!. cambridge added a link earlier and I had the courtesy to read it and reply (posts 47,48) So don't give me this crap about what Conservatives do and do not reply to.

ps: here is the link once more!


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49NOblahblah(6 comments)posted 2 years ago

GM NEEDS to go bankrupt - the RIGHT way. Restructure the company, restructure the debt and restructure the failed and broken labor rules. Otherwise the company will NEVER survive. The government money is going to drive up.

Redvert - save your breath. Nobody cares that Bush tried SEVEN TIMES formally requesting Blarney "the butt pirate" Frank stop the sub-prime mortgage insanity. What did the Dumbocrats say? There's no problem. You're just being racist.

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50redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Change of pace, the author of this story was swooning over the president and he wrote this "I saw video of the president at the Washington Press Corps Dinner, cool as a cucumber, speaking to the crowd at this gala event. Never once did he tip off anyone that the raid to get bin Laden was under way. His entire presidency rode on the outcome and yet he went about his business as if nothing was occurring." The problem was that he could not keep his mouth shut for a intelligent period of time afterwards. Where is this guy's allegiance?

Here are two clips, the first that talks about the administration's stupidity and the second in which some network reporter tries to blow it off. The first clip is 22 minutes long but well worth the look.

After you have watched this video, ask yourself how the Iranians were able to take control of the US drone a few months back. Think that was just luck?



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51LtMacGowan(643 comments)posted 2 years ago

Thanks 76Ytown.

Also about G.M. lets recap what happens after Obama intervened. G.M. hires back EVERY laid off employee, then G.M. posts its first quarterly profit, G.M. hires 10,000 new employees, G.M. posts first yearly profit in years, G.M. announces $250,000,000 investment in Ohio.

Yeah... GM needs to go bankrupt again great idea.

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52Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

Hey "Redvert"...you can't get over the fact that Obama succeeded in getting Bin Laden so you reach for a reason to criticize the man....amazing. He suceeded in less than 3 years where Bush and his buddies failed in eight and yet he is criticized for some trumped up statement from the Repugs about leaking "National Security Issues." HE GOT BIN LADEN... PERIOD.

Obama won the Nobel Prize and yet he is criticized. If Obama sneezes it causes a Right-Wing hurricane. Wake up son...maybe go take a class on logic at YSU..it may help you. The Republicans of today are untethered to reality...go read the Bible some more so you can come up with more wacky theories like "Creationism."
It is shame that a person who came up from nowhere, like Obama, in a one-parent household, and makes something of himself is not admired as an example of the American Dream...no...you loons don't get it and never will. Vote for that knot-head Romney who was born into it and thinks guys like you are dirt. Your prejudices are shameful.

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53Jake(112 comments)posted 2 years ago

I don't know what planet you have to live on to remotely believe Obama has "earned another term", but it sure isn't Earth.

He's been an unmitigated disaster economically, and is not respected at all internationally. He's a joke on the office, and more importantly, on us.

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54redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Rocky,I don't have a problem with us getting Bin Laden while obowser was president. Do have a problem with him being too stupid to keep his mouth shut while our military is analyzing data from the raid. Remember some of your fellow libitards are not happy with all the security leaks. I guess a few libitards can think for themselves.

WON THE NOBEL PRIZE, what the hell for?

CAME FROM NOWHERE!!! Ever wonder how someone with nothing was able to afford to go to some of the highest priced schools? Doesn't bother you that there is no record of how this was paid for, no real record of how he was registered in those schools,why the association with radical factions? Of course he did become a Acorn organizer. Was that what he won the pulitzer for, I am so ashamed for my nasty words!!!

No, you are one of the lemmings so I will not waste anymore time with you.

ps: Sorry bunky but I do not believe in creationism so try a new angle.

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5576Ytown(1242 comments)posted 2 years ago

Nearly 4 million views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-Xfti...
Published on Aug 15, 2012 by OPSECTeam

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

The unwarranted and dangerous public disclosure of Special Forces Operations is so serious -- that for the first time ever -- former operators have agreed to risk their reputations and go 'on the record' in a special documentary titled "Dishonorable Disclosures." Its goal is to educate America about serious breaches of security and prevent them from ever happening again.

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56Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

Hey 76 Y-town...save it for your conspiracy-theorist buddies. The internet is a great place for you wing-nuts because you can find anything that is irrational to suport your fantasies. Obama got Bin Laden..PERIOD. Our special forces are fine. Go down to your bunker and count your MRE's one more time before Obama sends his Kenyan Socialist Death Squads to get you before the "rapture".

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57Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

Redvert..you are the poster-child for irrationality. Maybe your bunker has a propane leak? Are your MRE's too old for safe consumption? Seek some help, buddy.

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58Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

Jake...I guess winning the Nobel Prize has nothing to do with international recognition?? I guess that Bush had nothing to do with this economic disaster that Obama inherited? Jake, maybe start wearing a hat when you go out in the sun.

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59IslandMike(752 comments)posted 2 years ago

Please explain to me what the republicans did so well the last time they occupied the White House under George Bush Jr? Please, I'm all ears!!

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60redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

For the benefit of Rocky and Bowinkle Mike!

Part 1

Why Bush was so bad at the end of his term...

Some people aren't aware of all of this. Don't just skim over this,
please read it slowly and let it sink in. If in doubt, check it out.
Dates HAVE BEEN verified.

The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was
actually January 3, 2007... the day the Democrats took over the House
of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th

The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the
first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy
that everything is "Bush's Fault", think about this:
January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and
the Congress. At the time:

The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
The Unemployment rate was 4.6%

George Bush's Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
Remember the day...
January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House
Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate
Banking Committee.

The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part
of the economy?

Unemployment... to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping
5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie - starting in
2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA
And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?
OBAMA and the Democrat Congress

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61redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

For the benefit of Rocky and Bowinkle Mike!

Part 2

So when someone tries to blame Bush..

Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and
the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat

Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 &
2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.
In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused
them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough
on spending increases.

For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush
entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running
until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a
massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that
very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he
signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the
last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five
years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After
that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that
includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a
nutshell, what Obama is saying is "I inherited a deficit that I voted
for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January

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62IslandMike(752 comments)posted 2 years ago


Please explain to me what the republicans did so well the last time they occupied the White House under George Bush Jr? Please, I'm all ears!!

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63cambridge(3013 comments)posted 2 years ago

IslandMike....Don't waste your time. Like I said, the teabagger/republicans are both defective and irrelevant and everyone knows what the outcome will be in November.

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64redvert(2064 comments)posted 2 years ago

Well mikey, what I posted was obviously not what you wanted to hear and you had no real comeback so you just repeat the same question. Just like the numerous times that I have posted the Fannie May hearing video with no replies. Wonder why?

I will leave it at that. I think this story is getting boring anyways. You can have the last hooray if you wish, there will be many more opportunities!!!

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65LtMacGowan(643 comments)posted 2 years ago

I just wanted to add that even though I support Obama I do believe the whole Nobel Prize thing was out of place.

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66Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 2 years ago

First off, LtMac, when can an award like the Nobel Prize be "out of place"? You support Obama but you're not proud that he won the "Peace Prize"? Would you rather that he committed more troops to Libya or Iran? My goodness that speaks volumes...very disheartening volumes.

As for my boy Redvert, steady-posting his "facts"...let me get a little philosophical here...ALL OF US carry many beliefs around with us that we hold as "true"..some of these beliefs are what we base our lives on and direct how we conduct ourselves day to day...the sad thing is that many of these things that we hold "true" are not even close to true....and that is where wisdom comes in for some of us and we suddenly realize that our beliefs have been "wrong" all of this time...at most, maybe a little over 50% of the citizens in this country realize that "facts" and "truths" , like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder..that even though it would be nice to have everything in life line up as black and white almost all facts and truth occupy a gray area....that is where logic, rationality, tolerance and self-examination lead to the development of thoughts and actions that improve society and lead to personal growth....

At most, in this country, once again, maybe a bit over 50% of the citizens have the wisdom to "know what they don't know."...the folks who listen to Fox News, Limbaugh, Beck and troll the Internet trying to find "facts" that support their beliefs are not in the 50%...that would be you Redvert...you and your right-wing friends have this granite stone in your psyche that is permanently etched with the most outrageous beliefs..and instead of self-examination, you get out the chisel and make the etching deeper and deeper; especially when faced with reality or history that doesn't at all jibe with what is etched on your lunatic stone...is this behavior caused by flaws in the DNA of righties??? Could be. Or was it caused by decreased blood-flow to the brain during the trauma of birth? Maybe. Regardless, Redvert, keep posting your diatribes with your "facts" and videos and conspiracy theories...they're at once very amusing and at the same time pitiful....

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67IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

The right wants LOW TAXES, fast putting greens and a lot of war as long as it's fought by the lower class. Not too many country clubbers have their grandkids in Afghanistan. They're all gung-ho about waging war as long as their grandkids don't have to fight it.

I hope Obama wins a second term and flies the flag of Kenya over the White House on his first day just to stick it to the right wing Neo-Cons.

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68Rockyroad(149 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

FLHTCUI and IslandMike...we need more people like the two of you in this world...1930's Germany didn't have enough people who could stand against the irrationality and scapegoating that occurs during tough times...the extreme right in this country poses just such a challenge now...unchecked, they are capable of horrific things...

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69IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Obama's first term is much better than Bush's and we re-elected Dubya. Bush and the righties Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act led to the biggest economic demise since the depreesion. Oh yeah, let's not forget thebiggest intelligence FAILURE in US history, the 9-11 attacks happened during Bush's first term.

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70olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

If it came out tomorrow that our commander in chief was having sex in the Oval Office with an intern, You leftist cool-aid drinkers would still vote for the most transparent President of all time...

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71IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Your comparing Clinton having sex with some girl to Bush and the righties FAILURES that led to 9-11. BRILLIANT!!

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72olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Just where in my post did I compare Clinton to Bush..Where? You brought up W...Just goes to show you leftists still blaming Bush for three and a half years of our current Presidents failures.. Just when does he start taking responsibilities for his own Presidency? Year seven?

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73Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Sheep will run back into a burning barn!

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74olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Or maybe in four more years he does an Executive Order doing away with the two-term limit and starts taking responsibility for his Presidency in year 11 or maybe 15.. And by then, his cabinet
will include.

Barney Frank....Sec. of Defense
Harry Reid...Sec. of Debt
Nancy Pelosi...Czar of the new Republic of California
Bill Clinton... Sec of all new Govt. Interns
Bill Ayers...Sec of Alcohol, Pot, Tobacco And Firearms
Rachael Maddow...Sec of all media censure
Al Sharpton.. Sec of Redistribution

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75Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Olddude, the answer to your question is never.

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76cambridge(3013 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

The crying is starting early. The massacre is more than a month away.

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77IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago


Everything you bring up is hypothetical and everything I mention is FACTUAL. Why is that?

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78IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago


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79olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

I post under name olddude, that is factual.. U respond to me as oddguy. Typical leftist, when any communication not going your way, u resort to the name calling..

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80IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

olddude, odddude, oldguy,

I asked a question as to why all your questions are hypothetical when the information I present is FACTUAL. Typical right- wing neo-con, when you can't answer a question, you change the subject.

HILLARY 2016!!

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81Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago

Olddude, the sheep are responding with their liberal and socialistic views. I left Youngstown in 1970, population 160,00 and today 60,000. Looks like Island Mike will be running to the burning barn in November.

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82IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 12 months ago


The barn turned into an inferno under the Bush administration. Stay down in Georgia or Alabama with those highly educated southern whites. You must bee Honey Boo-Boo's father. Those are the real republicons.

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83cambridge(3013 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

This just in, it seems as though voter fraud actually does exist and the party committing the fraud is the GOP. Who'da thought?



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84Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Lets give Obama four more years so he can continue to blame Bush for his personal failure !

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85IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Why not?, you gave Bush 4 more years after the 9-11-01 attacks. The 9-11 attacks were the biggest intelligence FAILURE in US history. I guess 9-11 wasn't enough, you neo-cons had to let him DESTROY the economy and then turn New Orleans into another GOP FAILURE!

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86Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Bush was in office eight months prior to 9-11-01 not 9-11-04. The intelligence failure falls on Clinton's watch. If Obama inherited such a disastrous economy, why did he waste the first two and a half years of his term screwing with health care? Obviously a lost sense of priorities!

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87IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Bush was in office on 9-11-01. He was briefed on all intelligence matters and he knew that The World Trade Centers had been attacked before. The FAILURE is on Bush.

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88olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Mike must have been a VERY high ranking official to know about INTELLIGENCE briefs at this time.. Thats why he only posts FACTS..Now Mike..Be creative in the new insults you choose behind that keyboard cuz Im sure you speak in word the same way u do on this thread..

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89Lostworld(7 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

The front page article on the Sunday, Sept. 30 edition has pictures of equipment being used to find gas and oil. Towards the bottom of the article is a small paragraph that states that environmental groups are lining up to oppose a line from NE Ohio to Canada. They are also lining up to oppose gas and oil drilling in Pa and Ohio. The EPA said a few weeks ago that it does not intend to do anything about fracking or oil/gas exploration until after the election. That means if Obama is re-elected, it will be the end of gas/oil in this area. That means a big loss of jobs. The area will again go back to being the Rust Belt or worse. It has taken almost 50 years to come back from what the steel unions did to this area. It will also mean the end of coal production in this area and West Virginia.
Obama's only reason for being President is to bring this country to as low a point as possible. He is succeeding. When the US is doing well, most of the rest of the world does also. Do some reading besides left-wing papers, books & internet sites. There are other sides of the issues.

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90IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Yep, FACTS like Bush being in office during the 9-11 attacks, the INVASION of Iraq, The Great Recession and Katrina. Oh yes, I almost forgot about the housing crises.

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91olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

The invasion of Iraq was bipartisan.
The housing crisis began with the COMMUNITY INVESTMENT ACT.
KATRINA was a natural disaster

Suggest removal:

92IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

-The RESPONSE to Katrina was Bush's JOB, A job he didn't do.
-The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act deregulated the banking industry and led to the collapse of the housing market and the economy.
-The Neo-Cons controlled Congress during Bush's invasion of Iraq.
-The National Debt increased over 100% under Bush (the first time ever) from 5.6 Trillion to over 11.3 Trillion.

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93Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Barney Frank was in bed with Franny and Freddy which drove up housing values to a peak in 2006. Sub-prime loans and ARM's brought on the air loss in the bubble. All of this caused the brutal effect on the economy in 2007. Bush was not the blame for what Obama inherited and Obama did very little to correct the situation in his three and half years in office.

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94olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

QUESTIONS for Mikey.
What really did u expect Bush to do about Katrina and where does folks personal responsibility come into play?

With deregulation, sub-prime, liar loans, interest only, FHA zero down loans became available, what role does personal responsibility play?

Regardless of Bush record on increasing debt ( your numbers are wrong}, What could possibly justify Obama increasing total to 16.5 trillion in 3.5 years? And what is the tipping point? How much debt can we possibly have before we are Greece?

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95olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

No dude, Im not as old as u think and no entitlements here. Never have and quite frankly, never expect any.. Not even SS.... My kids r extremely independent, therefore will be fine as the one real job as a parent is to teach ur children how to be a responsible adults... So now tell me man with the acronym beginning with an H... What do we do now..... We r 16.5 trillion in debt... What is the ceiling? How much can this country take?

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96olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

I just clicked on ur comments F man.. I grew up across from Ipes in a 900 sq ft. cape cod. Knew Lenny jr... Was Middle class but today would be considered poor with a free cell phone.. Ytown was a great place to grow up.. Folks were working..The difference today is 40 years of Democrat leadership with stinkin ENTITLEMENT thinkin..

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97IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

The debt was at 11.3 Trillion when Obama took office. When he took office, we were also financing two wars, soon after he took office unemployment peaked at over 10%. That means there were a lot more people living on gov't assistance and fewer tax dollars being paid into the system. The Bush tax cuts compounded that problem, so to say that Obama has made the debt rise above the 16 Trillion dollar mark is an ignorant statement. But Olddude, I don't think you're ignorant, I think you're actually pretty intelligent, but I do think you're brainwashed into believing that all this debt is on Obama. Is the debt an issue? YES, no one on the left is saying it isn't a MAJOR issue, but Mitt-Flopper wants people to feel guilty about drawing unemployment, food stamps, social security and so on during the recession. The programs are not the reason we're in the trouble we're in. We're in this mess due to two wars and a Department of Homeland Security (more spending) that was added after 9-11 coupled with the Bush tax cuts (less tax revenue). you righties act as if the aforementioned never happened and all of this is on Obama. THAT is why your losing the White House, people know better and they were insulted by Mitt's ARROGANT 47% statement.

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98IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago


Good to see someone playing the FEAR card.

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99olddude(201 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Fman...A cold beer of my choice at the Torino lounge (crickets) would be good ...Ill be in touch..

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100IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Drink one for me boys,

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101Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Olddude, should invite Mike along for laughs and lib entertainment. I'm sure he couldn't take his foot out of his mouth long enough to have more than one beer.

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102IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago


Look who is talking, a guy who hangs around with all the other highly successful people of this community at Crickets. You're just a pillar to the community.

Don't forget to bleach your sheets for the next Tea Party rally.

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103swhite173(3 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

mr. romney does not deserve to represent the american people. he is so disconnected, he thinks that the "middle class" refers to people who make $200k per year! is that you, cuz it's not me! this multi-millionaire does not have our best interests at heart...he scares me.

president obama needs another term to complete the turn around that he has started in spite of the lack of cooperation from congress these past two years. remember, the dow when obama took office was approx 8,000, now it's over 13,000!!! that says it all right there. of course i realize there is much to be done. obama realizes that too.

romney does not care, he will say whatever he thinks you want to hear. cant you see that??

this is for those of you who dont believe president obama has done anything.....

**top 50 accomplishments**
1. Passed Health Care Reform
2. Passed the Stimulus
3. Passed Wall Street Reform
4. Ended the War in Iraq
5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan
6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden
7. Saved the U.S. Auto Industry
8. Recapitalized Banks
9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi
11. Told Mubarak to Go
12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies
13. Improved America’s Image Abroad
14. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending
15. Created Race to the Top
16. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards
17. Coordinated International Response to Financial Crisis
18. Passed Mini Stimuli
19. Began Asia “Pivot”
20. Increased Support for Veterans
21. Tightened Sanctions on Iran
22. Created Conditions to Begin Closing Dirtiest Power Plants
23. Passed Credit Card Reforms
24. Eliminated Catch-22 in Pay Equality Laws
25. Protected Two Liberal Seats on the U.S. Supreme Court
26. Improved Food Safety System
27. Achieved New START Treaty
28. Expanded National Service29. Expanded Wilderness and Watershed Protection
30. Gave the FDA Power to Regulate Tobacco
31. Pushed Federal Agencies to Be Green Leaders
32. Passed Fair Sentencing Act
33. Trimmed and Reoriented Missile Defense
34. Began Post-Post-9/11 Military Builddown
35. Let Space Shuttle Die and Killed Planned Moon Mission
36. Invested Heavily in Renewable Technology
37. Crafting Next-Generation School Tests
38. Cracked Down on Bad For-Profit Colleges
39. Improved School Nutrition
40. Expanded Hate Crimes Protections
41. Avoided Scandal
42. Brokered Agreement for Speedy Compensation to Victims of Gulf Oil Spill
43. Created Recovery.gov
44. Pushed Broadband Coverage
45. Expanded Health Coverage for Children
46. Recognized the Dangers of Carbon Dioxide
47. Expanded Stem Cell Research
48. Provided Payment to Wronged Minority Farmers
49. Helped South Sudan Declare Independence
50. Killed the F-22

president obama is fair and real! please consider this when you go to vote. right-wing-nut radio does not tell you the truth. you are making these people rich and they dont care a lick about any of us.

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104Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

If you are earning more than you did four year ago and your net worth is greater than four years ago, perhaps Omama may deserve your vote. If not, vote for a change.

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105IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Four years ago, the economy tanked under BUSH. Bin Laden was alive and the US was in Iraq.

Mitt-Flopper is a clown who has no specifics on anything and if he does he'll change his mind.

Bin Laden is DEAD!!
The US is OUT of Iraq!!


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106Georgio(26 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago


Not as tanked as it is now under Obama's three and a half years.

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107WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago


Re: Top 50 List

You should credit the Washington Monthly for producing the list unless you would rather steal their work. Plagiarist. Thief. Democrat.

Not surprised.

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108Cmhs74(5 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

swhite you are correct on some of your listings but let's look at others. #13, if he improved America's image abroad then why have there been more travel warnings than any other time in U.S. history? #35, yes he let the space shuttle program die and now we pay $50 million dollars per astronaut to go to the space station and we are #3 in space exploration now behind China and Russia. I could go on with others but then I didn't see in your post where unemployment is still at 8%, national deficit is highest it's ever been, records set for number of people on welfare and food stamps. If you were getting a free ride on food and medical would you vote against Mr. Obama? I sure wouldn't but then I have to work my behind off so my taxes pay for these programs. Last election, 90% of blacks voted for Mr. Obama, This year estimates are 70% of latinos will vote for him and if you look what two ethnic groups have the highest number of people on welfare and food stamps you'll see why they are voting for him. And we won't even get into him bowing to other foreign leaders or telling Putin (when he didn't know he was being heard) to wait until after this election, for what to sell us out some more? If Mr. Obama is reelected, God help our future generations. Oh wait, I probably can't say God anymore as someone will be offended.

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109carago11(44 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago



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110IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Bin Laden is DEAD!!
The US is OUT of IRAQ!!
Unemployment is DOWN!!
The stock market is UP!!


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111WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

-Al Qaeda is ALIVE
-US Ambassador is DEAD
-47 million on FOOD STAMPS
-16.2 trillion dollars in DEBT
-Gasoline prices up 400%
-Grocery prices up 15%
-Income down 8.2%
-MILLIONS left the labor force
-43 months of 8%+ unemployment
-Are YOU better off now than four years ago?


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112IslandMike(752 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago


Brought to you by George Bush and the Neo-Con party. Telling women what to do with their bodies for 200 years!!

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113TheLizardKing(6 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

This is truly a very sad thread. Leftist's you folks just don'ty get it. WE DO NOT NEED GOV'T TO TAKE CARE OF US ! Obama elected again..press 3 for French, because we will be as Socialist as France. Sorry to all you freeloaders waiting for your ObamaPhone and your ObamaCare and ObamaMoney. Neat idea..Get a job !! Ooops, that's right unemployment to high and many too lazy. How about drug test for your FREE benefits with NO taxes. I am drug tested to WORK and PAY TAXES!! Ya, he's "earned" another turn. And I am the Omnipotent OZ. Pay no attention to the man in the White House

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114Brian215(13 comments)posted 1 year, 11 months ago

I think we now know how Obama wouldve handled 9/11. This past 9/11 the US Ambassador was raped and murdered along with 3 other patriots. This administration is still scrambling to give a justifiable excuse as to how this could happen on this date in this well known dangerous location. Fast & Furious is another example of how Obama would handle a crisis. He'd supply a drug cartel with automatic weapons that would be used to kill US Border Patrol Agents. He had 2yrs of complete control of the US gov't and 2 more years to show his ability to lead a bipartisan Congress. EPIC FAIL !!! His only 'achievement' is the slamming of Obamacare down the throats of the American people. Food Stamp's have doubled while jobs have consistently dwindled. He's so out of touch that he actually calls that 'moving forward'. There is no category in which you can factually claim this administration has flourished beyond expanding his party's base of govt dependent individuals.

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