There’s another side to the story about OHSAA athletic eligibility

There’s another side to the story about OHSAA athletic eligibility

After watching the local news in recent weeks, I believe as a Poland Seminary High School graduate and Poland resident I need to address the proceedings between the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Bilas family.

The attorney for the Bilas family, Mark Hanni, would have you believe that the Poland Athletic Department and administration had a part in this legal action. I have discovered that neither reported a possible infraction or requested any inquiry into the eligibility of Nick Bilas. The Poland Athletic Department was directed by the OHSAA to complete the necessary paper work for the transfer of an athlete to another high school. After receiving the required paperwork, the OHSAA decided to look into what they believed to be “an improper transfer.”

Atty. Hanni cannot believe that anyone would question the integrity of a uniformed military officer. Neither Major Bilas’ uniform nor the fact that he is in the military have anything to do with this situation. I am sure that Major Bilas has worked very hard to achieve his rank but it is appalling that Atty. Hanni would use the uniform as a cheap prop for his case.

As a taxpayer, I thank the Poland Athletic Department, the administration, and the superintendent for doing their due diligence in this matter, as required by the OHSAA. Perhaps, if the Bilas family with the help of the Mooney administration had done the same, there would have been no reason for the OHSAA to get involved.

I thank Major Bilas and his family for their service to our country and I wish him Godspeed in wherever his next call of duty is.

Wherever Nick Bilas’ athletic career takes him, I hope he stays healthy and safe on the field of play.

I’m sure Mr. Hanni is a fine attorney. However, he should stop finger pointing and plead his case in court, not on television. And as they say in the courtroom, give us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Larry J. Tusinac, Poland