Try being fair to both sides

Try being fair to both sides

In an Aug. 27 letter to the ed- itor, the writer complained that Romney won’t show his tax returns for the last 10 years. I ask him to be fair. Where was he when Congressman Rangle didn’t file his taxes on overseas income (from rental property). Rangle got a slap on the wrists from Obama’s Justice Department.

Where was he when President Obama refused to release all the documents on fast and furious? Is he hiding something?

What’s more important: taxes which are legal and checked by the I.R.S. or hiding and not showing all the papers on fast and furious which caused the death of one of our border patrol men and probably many other deaths? In my mind, it’s clear who is hiding something.

Anthony Schiavone, Boardman

Youngstown’s good ambassador

The purpose of my letter is to recognize one of your citizens. Her name is Tracy Winbush. She was either a delegate or attendee at the Republican National Convention.

She was interviewed, along with several others, on NPR. She spoke eloquently about her concerns for our country and what is needed to return us to greatness. Her comments on people, on value systems and the need for all to “get along and pull together” were simply moving.

We need a lot more like her in government and the general population.

Creighton E. Likes Jr., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.