Neither vulnerable. North deals.


xQ 4

uQ 9 6 5 4


wK Q 7 4 3


xK J 10 3 2 xVoid

u7 3 uA K 10 2

vK 3 vA Q J 6 4

w8 6 5 2 wA J 10 9


xA 9 8 7 6 5

uJ 8

v10 9 8 7 2


The bidding:


Pass 1v 2x Pass

Pass Dbl Pass Pass


Opening lead: King of v

We will be bringing you some deals from the recent ACBL Summer North American Championships held in Philadelphia.

This deal, reported by Barry Rigal, is from the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs.

East’s double in the balancing seat was for takeout, but West, oft-time World Champion Billy Eisenberg, had nowhere to go and attacked with the king of diamonds. North’s singleton diamond was an unwelcome sight. How do you proceed?

With hardly a moment’s thought, Eisenberg shifted to the king of spades! If declarer now ruffed a diamond, he would be ruffing with the master trump, so the trick West gave up would be returned with interest.

Instead, declarer won with the ace and continued with a trump to the queen. Declarer now led the king of clubs from dummy, covered with the ace and ruffed. In the fullness of time declarer scrambled five tricks for down three for a joint bottom — 7 points out of 51.

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