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New technology brings challenges

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New technology brings challenges

Good grief, the doomsday people are at it again. It is amazing that every time a new technology or a new idea comes over the horizon, out come the doomsday folks with there negative thinking and social ruin. Did they ever stop to think, without new ideas and exploring new horizons that we would not be where we are today?

With every new endeavor comes challenge and risk, but we must overcome those risks and move forward if we are going to advance. Alternative fuels are still down the road, so we should take the opportunity at hand and proceed with it until something better comes along. The alternative would be to return to the stone age, and I’m sure no one wants that.

James Eidel, Beaver Township

Known by the company you keep

What does it say about a po- litical party that idolizes a man that used the power of the office of the president to lure a young intern in to providing oral sex in the Oval Office with his wife and child up the hall? And a sitting president of that same party that could not wait to rush on stage to embrace that man less than 24 hours after the First Lady spent nearly an hour praising his moral fiber.

Ask yourself, if Monica Lewinsky was your daughter would you have one ounce of respect or credibility for President Clinton or the party he led? We are in this mess because our leaders will do absolutely anything to get elected including the sale of their soul to the devil apparently.

What does it say about those that support that party?

Tim Ryan, Newton Falls

Beware of attack on Medicare

For years, Ohio’s seniors have paid into our country’s safety net, our Medicare program. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s radical plan for our country — which Mitt Romney called marvelous — would end Medicare as we know it. It would turn this critical program into a voucher system and raising the eligibility age for recipients.

According to the independent Congressional Budget Office, this kind of health care plan would increase costs for seniors by $6,350 a year. This dramatic increase would be devastating. For senior citizens who are living on a fixed income and already competing against other costs, an annual increase of more than $6,000 is not something we can afford.

The Romney-Ryan budget would cut millions of dollars from the current Medicare program to give an additional $250,000 tax cut to millionaires. Middle-class families could pay thousands of dollars more a year in taxes to help fund tax breaks for millionaires. That’s not right.

The choice is clear for seniors: President Obama is looking out for us, making sure we can get quality, affordable health care for years to come.

Pat Morrow, Austintown

Local rules count for something

It was quite amusing to read that the rail line running through Boardman claims to be exempt from local government rules or regulations. Consider the following quote from a North Carolina appeals court:

“We find it hard to conceive that our constitutional founders believed that visual blight and ugliness were a fundamental aspect of our national heritage or that our state and local governments were to be powerless in protecting the beauty and harmony in our human as well as our natural environments.”

County of Cumberland v. Eastern Federal Corp.

Kim Kotheimer, Poland

Wrong targets at Penn State

Destroying the Penn State football program with NCAA sanctions that directly punish student athletes for the misdeeds of Penn State officials makes no sense.

Punish the offenders not the innocent.

With this said, if Jerry Sandusky was a leading professor in the Penn State Science Research Labs would officials impose sanctions that would cripple the ability of these facilities to conduct research?

As tragic as what happened at Penn State, I believe “burning a town to destroy a rat” mentality serves no fruitful purpose and ultimately will not only negatively effect the football program but academic programs as well.

As a Penn State alumnus, I hope true justice prevails and “politically correct” solutions find their way into the trash bin where they belong.

Bob Osthoff, Berlin Center

It’s time for a new coach

The Obama camp touts that this game is not over, it is only halftime. They remind us that a coach is never fired at half time, only at the end of the season.

Actually, this is the end of the season, and Obama’s contract is up for renewal. Halftime would imply that Obama’s contract was for eight years. Not the case. The president has four years — one season for us to reap the benefits of his hope and change playbook. His losing season is over. It’s time for a new coach and a new staff to take us into the next four-year season.

Nobody disagrees that he inherited a tough schedule. But winning coaches manage their circumstances through solid, proven leadership, which he has not done.

We cannot survive another losing season. Four more years from his playbook will so ravage America that it will take more than a generation to rectify.

The president’s record speaks for itself. The season is over, he’s failed as our coach, and it’s time for some real hope and change.

Richard P. Hassler, Ed.D., Cortland

Obama has gotten things done

Anyone who claims that President Obama is long on speeches but short on accomplishments is simply wrong. Here are some of the achievements during his first term.

He signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which halted job losses that had reached 800,000 per month. Additionally, he was responsible for job growth which now exceeds 4 million new private sector jobs.

In order to provide immediate relief to working families, he cut taxes on 95 percent of working families. This saved the typical family $800 in 2009 and 2010.

But, Republicans in Congress, including vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, opposed all of these measures, along with measures investing in education and clean energy.

President Obama refused to let General Motors and Chrysler die. He took the then unpopular step of helping them out of their financial problems. He approved emergency loans to both of them and in turn saved more than one million jobs. You may recall Mr. Romney said at that time, “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”

Since the time of the President’s courageous actions to save GM and Chrysler, the auto industry added 200,000 jobs and is now regarded as a leader once more as it builds cars which are more fuel-efficient than ever before.

What does the President plan to do during his second term in office?

He will remove tax deductions for shipping jobs overseas and has proposed the creation of a 20 percent tax credit for businesses that bring jobs home.

President Obama has promised to close tax loopholes to ensure that billionaires and millionaires do not pay a lower tax rate than middle class families. His opponent’s plans call for increasing the national debt by trillions of dollars by rewarding the wealthiest Americans with a further cut in their taxes.

For what President Obama has done and for our nation’s future, it is clear that he deserves re-election.

John DeFazio, Lisbon