Hand-scanning time clocks are an example of what’s going wrong

Hand-scanning time clocks are an example of what’s going wrong

The new hand-scanning time clocks are not being done to improve accountability. They are being introduced to further condition the city employees that as Americans their bodies do not belong to them and that each person, as part of the American slave plantation must submit to having their body, or a part of it, scanned, molested, groped or otherwise denigrated in order for them to go about their everyday business.

“We met with the unions, we met with the supervisors ... and there are no problems.” I have a problem with it, and I’m one of the people that is paying the city employees checks, and I don’t want them to have to submit to that nonsense.

If it’s not the hand, it’s the fingerprint, or the retina scan, or the full body scan, or the highway checkpoints to rifle through peoples’ personal belongings without just cause. It’s government that collects peoples’ blood at birth and registers it in a national database, it’s government that is ripping the colostomy bags out of little old ladies at the airport and it’s government that hires pedophiles to stick their hands with dirty contaminated gloves down your child’s pants at the same airport while you stand there and watch like a bunch of sheeple.

This hand scanning idea, a bad idea, is just an example of the government bully trying to push people a little to see what they can get away with. If nobody complains, then they will push a little more, and then a little more, and then before you know it you’re all sitting at the Covelli Center waiting to get your computer chip implanted underneath your skin, because if you don’t then the friendly people that run the government are not going to activate your food card and you won’t be able to eat.

In my two year experience of watching them, the city employees, the low level ones that actually make things work, are accountable.

I called the Water Department to have my water shut off for a plumbing fix and someone answered it by the third ring, and someone was at my house within 30 minutes and they were equally responsive when I needed it turned back on. And I just saw the meter reader hustling through my neighborhood on her rounds today, so these responsible people are doing a credible job and they don’t need to be tracked like prison inmates.

Get rid of the hand scanners, and maybe more productive people will want to move to this city and make some positive things happen.

Patrick Howard, Youngstown