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Christina Perri Singer’s dream comes true with Mraz tour

Monday, September 3, 2012

By John Benson

What a rocket ride it’s been the last few years for singer-songwriter Christina Perri.

It was two summers go when the then struggling musician and caf manager was asked to perform her song “Jar of Hearts” on the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Within weeks the defiant break-up song sold a million downloads. This led to a record deal with Atlantic Records and her gold-selling, 2011 debut, “lovestrong.”

She also scored a hit single with the “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” soundtrack song “A Thousand Years.” Spoiler alert, Perri already saw the final installment of the popular feature film series and says it’s “amazing.”

Despite all of this success, the cherry on top of this dream-come-true is taking place this summer with Perri touring the country opening for Jason Mraz. The bill rolls into Northeast Ohio for a show Wednesday at Blossom Music Center.

“I dreamt this when I was 17 in my childhood bedroom, thinking maybe one day I’ll get to sing with Jason Mraz,” said Perri, calling from Columbia, Md. “I really did. I’ve been such a fan from his ‘Java Joe’s’ era. I never knew this was a possibility, and then slowly as my career kind of progressed, I just started meeting all of my favorite people and Jason being one of them.”

This magical moment for Perri took place late last year when Mraz surprised her at a radio station show in San Diego. The two performed a duet of Perri’s album track “Distance.” She said it was an incredible experience, which was repeated a few weeks later in New York City. That’s when the decision was made to rerecord the song and make it her latest single.

The two are now performing the “Distance” during his set on stage nightly on tour, which Perri describes as “a beautiful collaboration.”

Also being performed during her set are two new songs that the 26-year-old said will be on her highly anticipated sophomore effort due out next year.

Perri said she has nearly 50 different song ideas floating around for the next project, which will be recorded in Nashville later this year. “I’m very much ready for album No. 2,” Perri said.

Considering Perri’s love for Mraz, who made his debut exactly a decade before with his platinum debut “Waiting For My Rocket to Come,” and her rise into the mainstream over the past few years, how’s she dealing with success. That is, is Perri still waiting for her rocket to come?

“I don’t know, I stay out of that,” Perri said. “I have this incapability of thinking about it because I will just trip myself out. If you tell me there is pressure, I will say, ‘No.’ I will not go there. I won’t think about success, I will not think about what means, what it looks like, what it could be and what it should have been. I’m way too sensitive. I will seriously spiral out of control if I think too much, so I stay very much into right now everyday. Do I think I’m on my rocket? Yes.”

She quickly added, “But I have no idea where the rocket is going to go.”