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Biden delights Canfield Fairgoers

Published: Sat, September 1, 2012 @ 12:01 a.m.




The day after Mitt Romney accepted the Republican presidential nomination, Vice President Joe Biden visited the Mahoning Valley — including a stump speech in Lordstown, a bite to eat at a Warren restaurant and a visit to the Canfield Fair.

Biden, a Democrat, spent a little more than an hour Friday at the fair, talking with those attending the event as well as with vendors, firefighters and other safety personnel.

The visit wasn’t unexpected but wasn’t announced to the media or the public beforehand.

As he made his way toward the Mahoning County Democratic Party tent, he paused to speak with 8-year-old Dylan Greenwood of Struthers, who has a large cast on his left leg.

Dylan had broken his leg playing football and Biden offered him some words of encouragement. Dylan, his 13-year-old sister Kayla and their dad, Ray Greenwood, all shook the vice president’s hand.

“I was shocked that he came up to us,” Ray Greenwood said, after he explained to his son who had just spoken to him.

Just outside the tent, Biden stopped to talk with Austintown Trustee Jim Davis and his 2-year-old daughter Gabriella.

“She told the vice president good luck and that she loved him,” Davis said.

And what’s a visit to the Canfield Fair without food?

Biden took a few bites of Antone’s loaded fried cheese and pasta dish.

Brittany Peters, who works at the Antone’s booth, said Biden asked how they were doing and told them the food looked “amazing.”

“He said she came here just for the pasta,” she said. “He handed us a $20, and told us to keep the change.”

Walking around the fair wasn’t easy.

“You couldn’t move because he attracted a huge crowd,” said Atty. Dave Betras, Mahoning County Democratic Party chairman. “The Secret Service kept telling me to move him along, and he kept wanting to slow down and talk with people. There was a throng of people. It was so surreal.”

Biden began his Friday visit to the Valley arriving about an hour late for a rally at the United Auto Workers Local 1714 union hall in Lordstown. About 250 people attended the event.

Biden spoke for about 22 minutes, devoting much of his speech talking about the differences between the Democratic ticket of President Barack Obama and himself, and the Republican nominees — Romney and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice-presidential nominee.

A key point was the $82 billion federal government auto bailout in 2009 of General Motors and Chrysler.

“The 200,000 auto workers who’ve been added to the employment rolls would not be working” without the bailout, Biden said. “And a million jobs would have been lost.”

Biden mentioned last week’s announcement by GM that it was investing $200 million in the nearby Lordstown complex, where the Chevrolet Cruze is assembled.

Biden also criticized Ryan for blaming the closing of a GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wis., on Obama. It shut down before Obama was president.

“It was devastating for the community and those people,” Biden said Friday. “But what [Ryan] didn’t tell you was that plant in Janesville actually closed when President [George W.] Bush was still in office.”

Biden said “much of what [those at the Republican convention] did say wasn’t on the level.”

Strickland was more direct.

“They’re crazy,” the former governor said. “They lie. Their strategy for winning the big election is to tell the big lie.”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama campaigned at the Janesville GM plant saying, “I believe that if our government is there to support you and give you the assistance you need to retool and make this transition, that this plant will be here for another 100 years.”

“That plant didn’t last another year,” Ryan said Wednesday at the Republican National Convention.

“Vice President Biden can’t answer for the Obama administration’s unfulfilled promises and failed record,” said Chris Maloney, a Romney campaign spokesman. “The president inherited a troubled economy, but he’s not made it better ­­— he’s made it worse, with fewer jobs and lower incomes for middle-class families.”

David Green, president of UAW Local 1714, introduced Biden at the rally and spoke with the vice president before the stump speech.

“We talked about the auto industry, and I thanked him for the support,” Green said. “The Valley is coming back, but we can’t do it alone. He’ll continue fighting for us.”

Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill, a Republican, was at the UAW hall for the Biden rally even though he supports Romney.

“I am showing respect for the office of vice president,” Hill said. “How can the mayor ignore the vice president when he is in my town? If there was a little more civility, the world would be a better place.

“But I think it is going to get nasty,” he added.

If Romney and Ryan are elected, they’ll tax the middle-class and give “outrageously ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthy,” Biden said.

Biden said he is “absolutely certain” that he and Obama are making progress needed to rebuild the middle class to be better than it was before the economic collapse of a few years ago.

After the speech at the UAW hall and before going to the fair, Biden stopped at the Mocha House in Warren, working the crowded restaurant and leaving with a cup of rice pudding.

Maloney dismissed Biden’s visit.

“These days, Vice President Biden’s routine swings through the Buckeye State have come to be defined by his gaffes, persistent mudslinging and an apparent lack of media accessibility more than anything else,” he said.

Biden refused to be interviewed by members of the local media during his visit.

Vindicator records searched through 1912 do not indicate that another sitting vice president has visited the fair.

Contributor: Elise Franco, Vindicator staff writer.


1southsidedave(5049 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Biden knows how to stump...probably a hot and crowded day at the Fair, but I'm sure most enjoyed seeing the VP.

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2xGOPinNEOH(4 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

I missed the visit, but listening to some people complain in a way more vile manner than I could stand just sickens me. Sadly this is typical anymore. It amazes me how dumb people are when it comes to history and I'm not talking about the founding fathers saga, I'm talking about the last 30 to 50 years, heck even 5 years seems to hard to recall the hardships and the indicators and the pure arrogance of the previous administration. If Dubya is so flipping great in putting us in a 10 year war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 yet the most resources and American lives were spent there all for what, didnt get bin Laden? Is this administration squeaky clean could they have done some thing differently, sure its always easy to criticize after the fact.Of course lets not forget people like Ken Blackwell who said after the collapse in 08 this was a chance to punish the unions since they favor Democrats more than them, and this whole voter fraud push, blowing millions to pass laws that are not needed, in the last 10 years the entire country has seen less than 20 in person voter fraud cases, certainly worth the millions upon millions because in certain powers that be this will help subvert the population, just like certain TEA bag people with their so called grass root masters wanting only land holders the right to vote and renters have no rights, apparently they don't have a vested interest in their community somehow?

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3greene(167 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

xGOPinOHIO, you have a resentment. A resentment is like you drinking poison and expecting some one else to get sick. Be kind to yourself, no more resentments.

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4CurmudgeonMBA(17 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

wow.....too much negative energy. Remembering the past is one thing, doing something about the past is another.

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5Joe306tow(49 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Sorry, Joe Biden did not stop in Newburgh Heights. He could look at the Obama administrations handy work.

Another 100 plus jobs LOST or Destroyed. Not by 'W', not by the Republicans, but by Obama. A trucking firm was to move in October 1, 2012. That was before they were hit with GOVERNMENT requirements. Fill out 65 documents in triplicate, for 20 different Government agencies. Triplicate documents cannot be produced on a printer. I saw my car finance man try 3 times on one form. He had to type out the form on a typewriter. That would be a difficult if not impossible task. Since 65 forms times 20 agencies equals 1,300 typewritten triplicate forms.

Thanks Democrats for killing over 100 more jobs, and causing a revenue (Income Tax) loss of over $6,000,000.00 to Newburgh Heights, Ohio.

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6Joe306tow(49 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Correction: The 6 Million in Revenue is also from fees on trucks tonnage. Another company running a transfer trash station pays 20 cents per ton on cargo.

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7Joe306tow(49 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Correction: The 6 Million in Revenue is also from fees on trucks tonnage. Another company running a transfer trash station pays 20 cents per ton on cargo.

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8sue(176 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Yeah, the Obama economy is great. Just ask the 1200 Severstal (RG Steel) workers who have lost their jobs.

And by the way, Obama and Biden are working on the Delphi retirees pension problem - NOT!
Obama golfs while we suffer.

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9penguin86(11 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Are you better of now than 4 years ago? If not, vote Obama out. Do you feel he is steering the country in the right direction for the next generation? If not, vote him out. Nobody has to listen to the comercials on TV/radio, or listen to the conventions. Its how YOU are affected, not what somebody did or didnt do in the past. Remember, each vote countes and its your chance to fire/hire the "employee" in the White House. The only time you can complain is when you dont vote.

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10AtownAugie(770 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

The headline reads "Biden delights Canfield Fairgoers." Another headline could have read "Veep of Failed Adminstration Seeks Solace in Food."

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11anothermike(218 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

"Obama golfs while we suffer"......paid sick days, long paid vacations, paid up term insurance, paid up health care, top wages, getting to retire 10 years before everyone else, factory pricing on new vehicles.....if that is suffering, may we all have some, please???

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12redeye1(4998 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

I hope Michele O dioesn't hear what old Joe was eating out at the fair. She will probably reprimand him for not eating healhy. After all he should setting a good example for everyone else. LOL

Penguin 86 GREAT POST! But just one thing if you don't vote , don't complain. You deserve what you get!

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13IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

RESPECT went out the window a long time ago. It doesn't matter to me if the President or Vice-President is a republican or a democrat, the OFFICE is always bigger than the man. To disrespect the person is to disrespect the country. I'm not talking about disagreeing with the persons political views, I'm talking about guys like Joe Wilson screaming out, "you lied" as the President is addressing a joint session of Congress. I agree he is entitled to voice his displeasure with the President, but why could he not do it in the proper place(Fox, CNN etc..)?

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14WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago


There may never have existed a more profound disrespect and outright vitriol for a leader or an office as the liberals and Dems showed to GWB during the 04-08 period. The endless denigration and mockery was astounding. Have you forgotten this? Is your memory bad? Are you too young to recall? Frankly I do not care why it is that you fail to understand history even four years old but don't come here and act like it didn't happen. That is just dishonest. You complain and try to blame, as usual, but the responsibility for this acrimonious environment lies squarely with the Dems.

Suggest removal:

15WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago


Are you serious? Yeah, the valley is just chock full of TEA Partiers. You know that this county was one of only two to go blue in the whole State last election, right? You really think you can blame the closed-minded robotic thinking of this Valley on anybody but the union Dems and the brainless "D" lever-pullers that have driven it into the ground over the past fifty years? And you insinuate that you and your kind are the rational, independent thinkers that will deliver an intelligent, measured judgement. What hubris. What deceit. What nonsense. And Joe Biden is a dimwit! Why aren't you condemning his "...put y'all back in chains..." offensive racial pandering and demagoguery? I think your head is as empty as the chair Eastwood used so well as a prop at the RNC.

Suggest removal:

16IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago


I agree, the disrespect is on both sides, now quit crying and grow up.

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17WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago


Nobody said "...the disrespect is on both sides..." so don't try to equivocate. The disrespect came from one side- the lib Dems.

You failed. You made a foolish, indefensible claim and got spanked by the facts. There is no need to accuse others of acting immaturely. Then again there is no need for ninety percent of the comments you make.

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18peggygurney(405 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

I really do not want to see Obama/Biden re-elected.
Problem is, the alternative is no better, if not worse.
So we're screwed either way.

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19IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Swinger ,

The disrespect did come from one side. The republicons. They said they wanted Obama to fail at alll cost. They're anti-american. Now quit crying, you're embarrassing yourself. Try some deep breathing and grab a Kleenex.

Suggest removal:

20DSquared(1479 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago

That's correct. We want Slowbama to fail at tanking the country as he is in the process of doing. So now we're going to throw him out so he can run for mahoning county commish!

Suggest removal:

21WilliamSwinger(341 comments)posted 2 years, 9 months ago


Are you mentally deficient? Seriously? That thing zipping over your head is the point- which was the disrespect GWB faced from the lib Dems from '04-'08. Do you seriously not understand that?

Suggest removal:


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