Faith impacts family’s life

I love to share the good news of hope through Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago, a young man emailed me with a question. He seemed troubled and yet it was apparent that he had faith. He wrote: “I came across something you wrote and I really liked it. My name is ‘Jason.’ You see, I don’t understand life. God says he loves us, but yet, he took away the people I love. I only just started going to church. I enjoy it, but life is still tough for me. My heart belongs to God. I know that, but it is so hard to walk away from my friends. I want to serve and give my whole life to him, but I am going to lose my family and friends. Advise please.”

I responded to Jason and explained about the surrendered life to Christ.

When you are a believer, Christ is first in your life and you must be willing to give him all that you have and allow him to work in you.

I explained a lot of things to him and told him to keep praying for his family and friends but that he must move ahead with his new life in Christ.

I did not hear from him that month, but the following week, I received an email from his sister. She told me that her family had no idea that her younger brother was going through this struggle. She continued to tell me that Jason was no longer with us. She explained what happened.

She said that her brother had made a decision to follow Christ. He stood firm in this decision despite the fact that his family and friends did not like it and thought he had lost his mind. He even left a girlfriend of three years because she chose alcohol and her lifestyle over a relationship with Christ.

About two weeks after writing to me, Jason was driving to church. Just before he arrived, he got into a deadly accident. Jason’s last words to his family were a plea for them to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. He whispered that Jesus was right there next to him and that he was not afraid to die. With that, he left this earth.

That bold testimony of faith brought this 20-year-old man to live forever with his Savior in heaven. It was by the power of Christ alone that Jason was able to choose to do what was right. He made the hard decision to leave all that he had to get all that Christ had to give him. He was willing to go wherever Christ would lead him. That young man had no idea when he emailed me for advice that he had only a few weeks left to live.

Jason’s sister wrote that his death changed everything for them. Now the whole family wants to honor Jason and his prayers for them.

They have decided to start attending a local church.

One believer with the courage of his conviction and a faith that stood the test was able to impact his whole family with the good news of Jesus Christ.

After his death, the grieving family went through Jason’s things and found his diary and the email he sent me. I was sent a copy of something that he had written in his diary that brought me to tears.

This is what he wrote: “I’ve been in love before, but in love with God is nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. A friend who I didn’t know existed and who was always around anytime 24/7. I don’t regret my decision. I regret not making this decision earlier. I always thought people who went to church are all perfect and holy. But no, they are just as broken as I am. God knows best. I pray that my family and friends will soon experience the love of God. I don’t have a dad. Never met him, never seen or heard from him. But I stopped looking for him and wondering what a father is because I just found a father of all fathers — God!”

I don’t know where you are right now in your life or what struggles you are facing. The truth remains that Jesus wants you to be with him.

He has known your name long before he formed the world.

His love is true and he is faithful.

He has a way to bring you to victory no matter how impossible it may seem now. Your weakness is now made strong by his power.

Christ can give you a future with hope and an eternity with him if you will surrender your life to him.

Marianne Lordi attends Old North Church in Canfield.

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