PIX TODAY: Idora merry-go-round survives Sandy

The first social media reports of the morning indicate that Jane's Carousel, which is the old Idora carousel, survived the storm.

A photo from the first sunlight today shows lights on the facility.

Here's a 5-photo collection just posted on a NYC community site.

Nothing official is on the Jane's web site or its Facebook page.


The Vindy has been following all night reports of the fate of the old Idora Park merry-go-round.

It's fate is challenged as it sits right along the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Here are some of the links and info we've found:

Here is a Vimeo video posted yesterday before the impact.

Before it started to get windy, I took the dogs on a really long walk. The pre-storm light was gray and beautiful, and I took a bunch of photos—I guess because I’m worried DUMBO might not look like this tomorrow. I spent a long time watching Jane’s Carousel go around and around inside its glass box, hoping that storm surges won’t rise above the platform it sits on.

Here's a dramatic photo of water surrounding a still-lit merry-go-round.

Here's the web site for the merry-go-round, which is now named Jane's Carousel.

Latest photo here @ 9:35 p.m.

Here is a recent Vindy article about the transition of the merry-go-round into a Brooklyn landmark.

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