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Why don't these voters decide? Some like to mull

Published: 10/26/12 @ 03:13

WASHINGTON (AP) — Who are these people who still can't make up their minds?

They're undecided voters like Kelly Cox, who spends his days repairing the big rigs that haul central California's walnuts, grapes, milk and more across America.

He doesn't put much faith in either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. But he figures he's got plenty of time — a little more than a week — to settle on one of them before Nov. 6. And he definitely does plan to vote.

"I'll do some online research," said Cox, co-owner of a Delhi, Calif., truck repair shop. "I don't have time to watch presidential debates because it's a lot of garbage anyway. They're not asking the questions that the people want to hear."

About 5 percent of Americans with solid plans to vote have yet to pick their presidential candidate, according to a new AP-GfK poll. When you add in those who lean only tentatively toward their choice or won't declare a favorite, about 16 percent of likely voters look ripe for persuasion. That's about the same as a month ago.

In a super-tight race, undecided voters have taken on almost mythic stature. Their questions at the town hall-style debate are parsed. Campaign techies wade through data to find them. The president dialed up 9,000 of them for an Air Force One conference call as he flew to Los Angeles this week.


Posted by NoBS (anonymous) on October 27, 2012 at 12:26 a.m.

I can relate. I don't believe either candidate is the "best man for the job." I don't think either Obama or Romney has any business running a preschool, much less this great country. However, Ohio being one of the most purple of all the "swing states," we've been inundated with political rhetoric for far longer than a sane person would condone. I've wondered aloud to friends and associates who came up with the bright idea that phoning someone each and every day, 8 or 9 times a day, will cause them to vote for Candidate A or Candidate B. To me, it's harassment, pure and simple. It isn't campaigning. Pestering me nonstop each and every stinking day for months on end is no way to persuade me to vote for your man.

HOWEVER, despite all the attempted brainwashing, I've observed enough events over the course of the last several months, that my mind has been made up for quite some time now, as to who I'm voting for for POTUS. And we don't answer our phone any more - we let it go to the answering machine, whose outgoing message is "Until the election is over, if we don't recognize your number on Caller ID, we won't answer. If you're a non-political caller, please leave us a message, and we'll get back to you."