Schools need support to do best

Schools need support to do best

The Brookfield Local School System, by any criteria, is an excellent school system as evidenced by the multiple generations of families who choose to educate their children here. Most residents of the district are aware that there is an income tax levy on the ballot next month. We understand that any time a tax levy is on the ballot, the levy is — and should be — taken seriously. For this reason, we, the teachers of Brookfield Schools, want to discuss and clarify the upcoming levy issue.

Financially, times are hard for all people, and many parents are worried about what the future holds for their children. We feel that the best thing for this next generation of Americans is to continue providing them a top-notch education and keeping all of their options open for them to have choices. This is the purpose of the 1 percent income tax levy before our voters next month. We want to be able to continue to provide busing for our high school students, athletics and extra-curricular programming for all, updated textbooks and supplies that are not 20-plus years old. We would like to update these materials to keep up with the changing world the students will soon be entering.

As educators, we want the voters to know that this money does not go toward teacher salaries, but rather, it goes toward materials and programs for students. We also want to make sure that the voters know that individuals on fixed incomes, such as senior citizens who own a home and have already paid their “fair share”and put their children through school, will not see an increase. By instituting an income tax instead of a property tax the burden doesn’t fall solely on farmers and homeowners.

In closing, we want to thank the amazing community of Brookfield parents for entrusting us with your most valuable resource: your children. And “Go Warriors.”

Jay Bodnar, Brookfield

The writer is a 1990 graduate of Brookfield High School and is president of the Brookfield Federation of Teachers.