Looking in vain for a ‘socialist’

Looking in vain for a ‘socialist’

The continuous accusations of socialism against the Obama administration’s policies are based on deception and ignorance.

Socialists oppose war. This president has escalated military aggression and the reckless slaughter of civilians. His health reform policy mandating coverage is nothing less than a giveaway to insurance providers. The “Obama phones” given to the poor allow cellular companies to profit at the expense of the tax payer. The stimulus package created by the Bush administration and continued by this president rewards and encourages the dishonest practices of Wall Street. A socialist would have bailed out the state governments, not the executive bonuses.

The Obama administration’s policies can more accurately be described as “corporatism.”

Despite the rhetoric, I don’t see the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both allow enormous amounts of private money to manipulate the electoral and political processes. They may as well be called Republicrats.

We have the socialist movement to thank for the 40 hour work week, the end of child labor, slave-like working conditions and much more. This president hasn’t proven worthy of being called a Socialist.

John Isabella III, Struthers