Nuns on Bus could teach Ryan

Nuns on Bus could teach Ryan

Last weekend, Paul Ryan staged a photo-op at Youngstown’s St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen—showing up for 15 minutes, after it had closed, he washed, perhaps, a few pots and pans.

At the same time, the “Nuns on the Bus” made a 1,000 mile journey through Ohio with women religious from across the state, highlighting the important work that these often humble women do in a variety of social service agencies. These same social service agencies would have their budgets drastically cut if Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget were enacted nationwide.

Instead of trying to stage photo-ops for political points, perhaps Rep. Ryan should take a lesson from the “Nuns on the Bus.” I’m sure that they would love to host him at one of the agencies that they work at every day, to hear from and to work with our society’s most vulnerable populations.

Nawal Rajeh, Austintown

Bringing Congress down a peg

Our do-nothing Congress and Senate are at it again, doing nothing.

Here’s my take on lowering the national debt. Since Congress and the Senate work half the year or less, cut their pay in half. Put term limits on them. Take their retirement fund and put it in Social Security. They draw Social Security just like everyone else. No more giving themselves a $6,000 to $8,000 raise every year. Make them pay for their own health insurance, just like everyone else. Any law that they make applies to them as well. No exceptions.

They’re out of control taking care of themselves. They’ve made laws and exempted themselves from the laws, which is unconstitutional.

People, we deserve better. A lot better. My question to all of you would be, how do we get this on the national ballot?

Bob Hogue Sr., Hubbard