Joe was a bully; Paul, composed

Joe was a bully; Paul, composed

I am writing this the morn- ing after the VP debate, and the only words that come to me to described Joe Biden’s performance is schoolyard bully. Laughing, mugging, smirking, interrupting. The only thing missing: blows were not exchanged.

Paul Ryan showed a great deal of composure, and self control. Because Martha the Moderator was oblivious, at one point he said to Joe, we could have a much more intelligent debate if we did not keep interrupting each other. Joe ignored his request. Biden was on a mission to burn and destroy.

I felt the moderator showed very poor taste to ask both men what faith meant in their personal lives. That is a personal thing between you and your God. Both men are Catholic, Paul’s answer was a well measured response following the Catholic doctrine. Joe had a much harder time trying to match his Catholic beliefs with the Democratic platform, and his president’s gay marriage, abortion, contraception, and don’t ask, don’t tell programs. He sucked it up and gave his normal confusing answer.

With regard to Libya and the death of our people, lies and cover up is all you can say, and Joe did that.

Tom Page, Boardman

Are you ‘better off’ or ‘surviving?’

I believe the coming election to be extremely important. The future of many people struggling to survive without jobs may depend a great amount on who wins the presidency.

Political advertisements ask: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” As a voting senior citizen I question: “Does my survival depend on who occupies the Oval Office?” For me being better off is an extra bonus, but at my age survival is an absolute necessity.

May the best qualified candidate win. It’s the American way.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown