Judge: Beemer competent to stand trial in daughter's rape

By Ed Runyan



Felicia Beemer, charged with raping her 9-month-old daughter while visiting her at the Trumbull County Children Services offices in 2011, is competent to stand trial, a judge has ruled.

Judge W. Wyatt McKay of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court issued a ruling Wednesday, saying Beemer, 21, formerly of Austin Avenue Southwest, understands the plea bargaining process and the roles of the attorneys and others in the courtroom — and was able to give a “clear and coherent account of her activities the day of the alleged rapes.”

Judge McKay said Beemer “has the capacity to testify even though her limited intellectual ability would not allow her to withstand cross-examination as well as a person with a higher intellect.”

Beemer has a short attention span, the judge said, but the effect of that can be minimized by taking frequent breaks during the proceedings, the judge said.

“While she is diagnosed with depression and attention deficit, she does not have a mental illness that defeat competency to stand trial,” the judge said.

Three separate mental health experts evaluated Beemer — one hired by the defense, one by the prosecution and one by the judge.

The court’s expert said Beemer is in the “borderline” range for intelligence but she is not mentally disabled.

Dr. John Fabian, a psychologist and attorney hired by the defense, said Beemer is mildly retarded.

Her attorney, John Fowler, said Beemer had a 0.0 grade-point average while attending classes in Warren City Schools.

Beemer’s husband, Cody Beemer, 23, pleaded guilty to many of the same charges his wife faces.

He was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years.

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