Taxing the rich isn’t the answer

Taxing the rich isn’t the answer

President Obama wants the rich to pay “their fair share”, but why? Even that extra money will not pay down the $17 trillion national debt. So what will it be used for? In my opinion, it will be redistributed to the masses in entitlement programs. This will further President Obama’s great social experiment of equaling out the money to everyone even if you didn’t earn it.

We all know what you don’t earn you don’t appreciate — you just want more.

When I was growing up, we weren’t taught to hate the rich. We were taught we could emulate them. If we worked hard, we could become rich too.

Nell Higgins, Hubbard

Saving U.S. economy depends on creating jobs here, not ‘over there’

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney talks about jobs and the middle-class. But, while Romney worked at Bain Capital he helped pioneer the industry to off-shore call center jobs for profit.

Our economy and our communities are fighting to survive. After the economic crash in 2008 we’ve seen jobs continue to disappear from the Buckeye State. Many of us in the middle-class are struggling just to make ends meet.

Pundits and politicians across the country and all over Ohio talk about creating jobs in America but not all of them are ready to take action.

Ohio needs true champions like U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown who doesn’t pay lip-service to the problem — he takes action. Sen. Brown co-sponsored a bill in Congress (S. 3402) to end tax breaks to corporations who off-shore call centers. In addition to protecting jobs, this bill requires off-shore agents to tell callers where they are located and to give consumers a choice to be transferred to an agent in the United States.

This November future of America’s middle-class is at stake. We need to make the right choices for Ohio and America.

Ron Gay Jr., Canfield

The writer is vice president, Communications Workers of America, Local 4300.